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PLEASE CALL ON +44(0)1204588454 OR Email: info@infraredcompany. 
PLEASE CALL ON +44(0)1204588454 OR Email: info@infraredcompany. 


Infrared Heaters for Conservatories, Bathroom, Cabins.

Infrared Heaters for Conservatories.


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Conservatory heating has traditionally been difficult due to the large open space, combined with the poor insulation properties of all the glass.

Condensation often forms in conservatories as a result of heating the air but leaving walls and furniture cold. This causes mould and decoration problems.

Infrared provides an effective conservatory heating solution because it is easy to install, efficient to run and has zero maintenance. Far Infrared warms the materials in the conservatory that then slowly give out there warmth to the air. This maintains a consistent temperature from the floor to the ceiling you could say that this a 360 degree warmth..

Effects on plants and pets.

For plants this a natural heat like that of the sun and thus encourages natural healthy plant growth with out the dry burning effect of fan heaters drying plants out. Animals also enjoy this natural heat with cats and dogs curling up to sleep under them.

With Infrared you can use your conservatory all year, even during the coldest months.. Our Far Infrared heaters for conservatories are easy to mount from the walls or ceilings & help eliminate damp and mould.

How to calculate the heater you require?.

It needs more power than an internal insulated room of the same dimensions of course.

As mentioned above due to the nature of the construction of Conservatories (even modern ones) you need to reduce the square meterage heated by 30%. Meaning, that normally 50W infra red heats about 1 m2  in this calculation it would heat  0.7m2.


This is very important there are two ideal positions.

Hanging on chains in the centre of the room allowing a wide spread of rays across the whole area. Alternatively, the Lux or Thermoglass allow you to use the solid back wall of the house to mount the panel whilst, the brackets allow to to angle the heater down to the floor keeping the warmth in the conservatory.

A Common mistake.

A certain percentage of infra red goes through glass so, you do not want to face the panels toward the garden rather, to pour the infra red into the furniture, floor and solid walls.

Read our customers reviews:

"Garden Room Installation

I bought 2 x Pion 600W Thermo Glass Crystal transparent panels to heat a garden room of approx 3m x 2.5m x 2.25m, plus a "Netmostat N-1" thermostat for added control.

Before purchase, the helpful guys at the Infrared Heating Company advised that, for a room of this size (with concrete base and single-skin wooden walls), depending on usage I might be OK with a 1kW panel, but that 1.3kW would certainly be enough.  Given the layout and roof beam structure, I decided to go with the 2x600W arrangement, which fitted well.  The previous owners had used this as a "home office" but our usage is expected to be more occasional, albeit we want to ensure that the room remains dry and frost-protected.  Hence the addition of a thermostat.  NB if you just want to use these panels "on demand", then a simple mains connection with a switch will suffice.  I decided to cannibalise the existing light fitting power supply and connected the panels in parallel, which works well.  (I'll fit separate new lighting in due course...) 

In use the panels are very good.  They take a few minutes to warm up fully (and perhaps even longer to cool down when switched off) but in operation they are very effective and provide good heating throughout the room.  The appearance is also elegant and discreet.  Obviously one needs the headroom such that there is no risk of touching them when hot, but the cables provided allow a lot of flexibility in the mounting, and they feel *very* secure. 

The Netmostat (and accompanying iPhone App) were more tricky to set up and, frankly, not as functional as expected.  We have a HIVE system for the main house and the Netmostat would be a poor comparison if this were our main system.  However, for this relatively simple setup, it suffices.  I have a simple one-timezone approach which is set to keep the room above 10 degrees at all times (in order that we can over-winter plants and prevent damp and frost).  When actually in the room and in need of more, I switch it to manual and select a target temperature in the 20s - and then back to programme control when I leave.  There is a third "eco" mode which I never use.  The whole thing is "downstream" of what used to be the light switch, so the latter now acts as a master "off switch" should I need it. It took a while to get it talking to the wifi, at which point one can do the programming remotely rather than on the device, but the function is still limited (e.g. copying a complex schedule across multiple days seems to be impossible, as does changing the names and quantity of the time zones...).  The impression given is that the App provides much more control than the device itself, but I didn't find this - hopefully the App will get better over time. However, with a Netmostat ID and appropriate configuration, I can now monitor the room temperature from anywhere with the iPhone App, and turn the system on and off.  I could change the temperature also but I don't need that.  So it's "OK".

Nett - the Infrared panels are unreservedly recommended and can be used without a thermostat if you are happy to manually control things.  If you would like a thermostat as well, then for a very simple setup the Netmostat and its wifi/internet capability may be OK, but for complex control you may want to look elsewhere."



"I had a heater installed in my small, cold en-suite. What an amazing difference! The bathroom looks much bigger and is now so warm. I call it my "magic mirror". It looks great and is the best thing I've bought in years. Very easy to set timer and quick to install. Excellent value! Highly recommended!"


"I’ve just completed my Garden room and used the Infrared Heating Company.  My room is 4.4m x 3m x 2.4m high and is a timber kit construction. I  built it off a concrete slab which has 140mm kingspan insulation in it. The ceiling has 140 wool insulation and the walls has 140mm wool insulation.

I phoned The company and spoke to Dale who was really good at giving me all the information I needed and also recommended the 1100w Thermo Glass absolutely transparent ceiling mounted heater.

I was originally sceptical on whether this heater was big enough to heat the room as it only measures 860mm x 350mm. I decided to go with Dales advice and purchased the 1100w heater along with the programmable room thermostat 701. It arrived quickly and it was easy to wire up.

My worries about it not being big enough disappeared with in an hour of it being wired up and switched on. These heaters are amazing, they heat up my room reasonably quick and the heat always feels comfortable.

Not only does it work effectively and is cheap to run it looks really good. Everyone that comes into the shed comments on how it looks and how comfortable the heat is. I would thoroughly recommend these heaters and the Infrared heating company along with Dale if you are needing Modern cost effective heaters.

Owen J Stewart



"Our conservatory, heated with a butane gas heater, had an aging polycarbonate roof that was due for replacement. During our research for the roof, we also looked at options to dispense with the gas heater. We found the Infrared Heater Company and were initially interested in the white wall mounted heaters, but when we noticed clear glass panels that could be mounted in the apex of the conservatory roof we chose those. Our Conservatory is around 5.5m by 3.5m and on the North-East side of our house so we thought it would take quite a lot of heating and decided to go with 2 of the 1700W glass panel heaters, although the guidance suggested one would be sufficient.

This choice was not without its challenges.

The first of these was integrating the heaters into our house wiring, due to their loading our electrician had to undertake quite a bit of work to get the two heaters connected (via a wall mounted controller/thermostat).

The second challenge came in with adjusting the thermostat to achieve reasonable comfort. The two panel solution turned out to be the right decision, our installation was late November, so already cold, and the conservatory was being used as an auxiliary office, occupied during most of the day so it needed to be warm. Initially we set 23 degrees C but soon found that the nature of the heat generated by the panels resulted in the room feeling much warmer than the thermostat was reading and the heaters remaining on way past what felt comfortable. It took a good deal of trial and error before we adjusted the thermostat to achieve an acceptable comfort level (down to 20.5 Degrees C on the thermostat in our case).

In terms of energy use it is hard to say, they certainly seem to cost less to run than butane for the gas heater (though it should be noted the new roof is glass, hence marginally better insulated than the twin wall polycarbonate) and are technically more environmentally friendly, but, in our use case, they do have the smart meter flashing amber.

If I were to seek improvements, I would suggest the following:

  1. 1. The frame powder coat would blend in better if available in white.
  2. I would like to see more options for mounts, the two brackets are OK, but they are quite short so limited howwecould have them fitted, they are shaped for wall mounting, rather than ceiling and not that aesthetically pleasant given the clear glass heater (they really do need to be painted/coated to match the panel frame).
  3. (This may have been our mistake in ordering the wrong thing) The timer/thermostat is designed for under floor heating and has limited 'programmability' also there are functions that simply are not required, I would suggest there may be better options.

Other than the installation and initial set up issues they seem to have worked fine and the only 2, fairly minor, issues are:

They do make quite an audible hum not loud or annoying, but present.

Secondly, and this may well be specific to our installation, as we have them parallel with the floor they have acted as a collection plate for dead flies and dust, which if you are concerned about climbing a couple of meters up a stepladder to clean them, may make that positioning unsuitable, but there are many mounting options that may reduce that issue so it should not be a showstopper.

Bottom line – We like them a lot, they look good, and they warm the room."


"I first came across the heating panels when I visited my archives friend for New Year earlier this year. He had just competed a brick and glass conservatory and I was amazed that it was heated entirely by two clear 600W infrared panels connected to a timed thermostat supplied by your company. So impressed, upon my return home I ordered 4 of the 400w opaque heaters for my workshop where I am renovating my classic jeep. I sized the workshop using your table which worked out perfectly and attached then to the ceiling timbers as per the attached picture. I set the thermostat to 18deg C which was maintained throughout Jan Feb without any problem. Since then I have installed 3 of the clear 600w heaters in my holiday chalet, two on the living area and one in the bedroom. The place is now so cosy with a wonderful feel and the saving in propane will easily pay for the units. Unfortunately I don’t have any picture and can’t return there for a while. Finally I would add that the fitting of the units and thermostat is very well explained in the attached literature and straight forward for any diy person and the running cost is minimal compared to other conventional type heaters. I am very pleased and impressed with the technology and so glad I came across them. Thanks Dale for your assistance. Best regards Peter Gregory."


2020-28-MarPeter Gregory.


"I am a big fan of infra red heaters. They are my first choice for heating solutions. I first experimented with them in two shower rooms at a campsite I used to own. The underfloor heating had failed due to water ingress. All the shower rooms needed were 600 watt panels connected to a thermostat/timer. Because the heat is felt by the person or object the benefit is much more apparent than the old underfloor heating system. Also the heat up time is much quicker ... so saved money by having them on come on later in the mornings. The campers were very impressed by the warm shower rooms. I now use a single panel where I am sitting typing this now! My office is a largish room adjacent to my garage. I just turn it on in when it is cold when I sit down. After a few minutes I am warm. Again just a 600 watt panel. When it gets too warm I just turn it off. I have a very large snooker room over the garage. Previously the room was heated by storage heaters. So impractical. I can use the snooker room any time I want. I have 4 1000 watt panels which will quickly raise the temperature from very cold. I just turn them on 30 minutes before I want to play. They are on thermostats and turn themselves off. Or I just turn 2 on. Infrared panels are a no brainer for lots of applications. You can install them yourself. Just hang and plug it in. Instant heat! All my friends have been very impressed ... and most had not heard of them. I thoroughly recommend. Adrian Spong."

2020-07-Mar Adrian Spong


"Very happy with my purchase, previously to changing the purpose & redecorating the room it contained two bulky unsightly convection heaters. After months of hard work it would of ruined the new look of the room to keep the old heaters, they had to go! After spending a long time looking for the right product, I found UK Infrared Company & they had the ones that ticked all the boxes. Sleek, stylish, powerful & good value for money. I purchased two black glass 1000w heaters, but they have been so good only one is really needed. However they look great in the room so I'm glad to have both. The room is not always in use so the built in thermostat is so useful. Set low to tick over when not in use, then back to normal when I'm in there. The heaters handle the temperature changes great, it's not long till the room is back up to normal room temperature. Can't fault the product at all!"

2019-13-NovRob Steggles home owner

"We have been blown away by these heaters! We’ve never come across them before and hoped they would be able to heat our outdoor Summerhouse to a comfortable temperature so we can prolong it’s use during the cooler months. We have installed two Infrared Heaters "Thermo Glass" - absolutely transparent infrared panels 800W into our Summerhouse which is approx. 8m x 3.5m. We have installed them above the bifold doors, and angled them at 45 degrees to maximise the heat transfer to the room. They are very attractive, as they are transparent, and even when on they do not change colour – much better than the glowing red heaters. They give off a warmth that is extremely effective, yet not direct – so very comfortable to be a few meters away from them. We also purchased a thermostat which allows us to set a room temperature which the heaters will maintain. Also in the winter we’ll set this to a Frost setting to protect the soft furnishing and kitchen area from extreme drops in temperature." 




"We are a retired couple living in Dundee in a Victorian south-facing terraced house and have recently had a new conservatory built on the north side of the house. Silly place to have a conservatory, you may think, but as we are in a conservation area, putting it on the front of the house was not an option. On the east coast of Scotland we get a lot of fine, bright weather but often with a chilly wind, which makes it too cold to sit outside. Our kitchen-dining room on the north of the house receives no direct sun, so we thought that it would be pleasant to add a room where we would have the sky over our heads and although it may not get the sun for 4 months of the year, it does get morning sun for 8 months and full sun during the summer.

Early in the process we started to consider what sort of heating would be best. The conservatory is octagonal, with a glazed entrance passage - rather like a lollipop on a stick. The glazing goes all the way to the ground so there was no possibility of low radiators on sleeper walls or any spare wall for a vertical radiator. We wanted the heating to be flexible: being energy conscious, we did not want it coming on every day at a fixed time when we might not be there to use it but on the other hand, if we wanted to have a coffee or read the paper there, we would need some heat at short notice. For this reason, we decided that underfloor heating was too unresponsive - it would be wasting when you didn’t need it and take too long to heat up if you suddenly decided you did want it. Plug-in electric heaters would be expensive to run, unattractive, a trip-hazard and take up valuable floor space - so they were out.

At this point, we became aware of infrared panels and started to investigate them; reviews seemed favourable that they heated up quickly and gave out a pleasant quality of heat. We went and looked at a local showroom & my husband thought that hanging 2 or 3 opaque white ones from the roof might be the way forward. I, however, was less enthusiastic as this seemed to negate having a glass ceiling if you then blanked it out with opaque panels. So I continued to hunt online - and suddenly came across the Far transparent glass panels from the Infrared Heater Company. I had never imagined such a thing might exist - a heater that you could see through! But it was an instant “no-brainer” - clear glass panels for a clear glass roof!

Dale Rose was very helpful and from our plans calculated what size of panels might be best. As the difference in price between panel sizes is not great, we decided to opt for 2 panels of the more generous 800W specification to ensure that we would not be under-heated. We also purchased a thermostat.

It was a bit of a puzzle to know where to place them in a circular space, especially since they could only be hung at the specific height that matched the width of their brackets to the tent-like structure of the ceiling beams. They were eventually directed towards the table, where one might most usually sit.

We are very pleased with them. Within minutes of being turned on, even though the space is cold, you can feel their heat, rather like having the sun on your back on a winter’s day. Then gradually the whole space warms up. The conservatory was finished just before Christmas and as we had the whole family staying, it was useful to have an extra room where grandchildren could be sent to do crafty things. However, it was very cold in January and February and we thought that it was neither responsible nor economic to heat the conservatory up through more than 15 degrees, so we did not really use it. Now, with the outside temperature hovering around 10 degrees and the sun starting to hit it in the morning, heating it is much more viable; after a relatively short time the space is pleasantly warm. At present, we tend to run the system on the on-off switch (which has a red reminder light!) rather than the thermostat but as our usage settles into more of a pattern, I daresay we shall use this more often. The panels are very discreet and one hardly notices that they are there. Guests can't understand where the heat is coming from and are rather incredulous when it is explained to them! We have no idea yet about the running costs but are not thinking too hard about it just now, as it is such a boon to have this bright, airy - and warm - garden space. The game is definitely worth the candle! We are very satisfied with the outcome; for a conservatory such as ours and the way we are using it, we think that the solution of Far Thermo Glass transparent panels from the Infrared Heater Company could not have been bettered.

Mrs CI Smoor Dundee April 2019"


2019-10-Apr  Clare Smoor

"I had read quite a bit about the IR heating panels and was looking to install this in our newly built conservatory. Conservatories are notorious for being seasonal as they are so difficult to heat in Winter. As we are in rural Scotland this was going to be a particular challenge to say the least. Most of the options were quite pricey and as our conservatory was 3m x 7.5m and full height, we were doubtful this technology would be adequate. I happened to stumble across Dale's website and was blown away with the style of the the Thermo glass panels. We decided to buy two 800W of these and place them on the back walls. We thought they would be a supplement to the log burner we installed, however apart from "The Beast from The East" were nothing was going to cut it, they were fantastic and mostly we use them on their own. We then installed a whole house heating system on a holiday let flat we refurbished, getting rid of the ugly storage heaters and replacing them with the Lux range. We purchased the Heato Multi zone programmable system and this has been great for our holiday home business. It means i can turn the heaters on from my phone before a guest arrives. More importantly when they leave as some tend to leave the heating on even during summer months. We will soon be replacing underfloor heating in our own house with a mixture of the panels, so obviously more than happy with them. They will save us a fortune and have done so with what we already have. Panels price wise are hard to beat and Dale certainly is very helpful and will answer all your questions swiftly."

2019-12-Mar Elizabeth Cairney