Technical data

Operating voltage: 230-240V

Mounting type: ceiling or wall

Surface temperature: 220-260°C

Protection class: IP54

Protection class: I

Power consumption: 600W-2000W

Size/heating Area:

        600W 82x13x4cm  /12m2

        800W 106x13x4cm  /16m2

       1000W 124x13x4cm /20m2

       2000W 124x25x4cm /40m2

  • Product Discription


The smallest and thinnest panel heaters on the market!

Patented body shape

High dust and moisture protection IP54

Durable 25-micron anodizing ensures long-lasting and efficient performance.

Steel body and stainless steel Elements

Universal brackets included

Possibility to hang IR heaters at an angle of 30 ° at an angle on a ceiling or wall

Possibility of direct suspension from threaded rods

High energy efficiency

Does not burn oxygen and does not create a burning smell

Infrared heaters are currently recognized as some of the most energy-saving electrical devices. The secret to their great efficiency is how they transmit heat, by using infrared rays.

"Ballu-Pro" infrared heating units have a modern design: the smart reinforced body casing is made from an aluminum alloy dyed with powder enamels. It is small in size, ingeniously simple to install, and comes equipped with an original wide-angle heat-emitting panel… these and many other outstanding features have now made "Ballu-Pro" the number one brand name in its category.

"Ballu-Pro" infrared heating units are intended for ceilings or high on the wall. The overhead installation makes the best use of the unique oval profile of the heat-emitting panel that evenly heats up the entire room. This setup is not just the most efficient but it also saves valuable space; with the unit hung below the ceiling you are free to arrange everything in the room as your heart desires. The positioning of the unit should be carefully considered prior to installation in order to ensure the maximum coverage of the room’s surfaces. There are rotating hangars that allow the panel to be hung on the wall and angled down.

Description of the series

New infrared heaters BALLU-PRO - the most compact modern economical heating device for directional heating. They are indispensable for local heating of working areas in rooms with high ceilings or poor thermal insulation, where the use of traditional methods of heating is ineffective. The possibility of local installation above the place where people are located ensures the economy of energy consumption. All BALLU-PRO models come bundled with universal brackets, which allow easy and quick installation of heaters to the ceiling or wall. A qualitatively new approach to creating comfortable conditions is possible through the use of BALLU-PRO infrared heaters. They have become very popular in recent years due to their high energy efficiency, safety, and unique advantages over other types of heaters.

Like the sun, they emit thermal energy in the infrared spectrum. Heat is practically not absorbed by the air and without loss reaches the heated surfaces, which, in turn, heat the air. This creates a mild microclimate in the room and contributes to more economical power consumption.


Main and additional heating of rooms, local heating of working areas in rooms.

 2 years warranty.

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Appartment in Girvan, Scotland.
Appartment in Girvan, Scotland. For two flats, with the intention of renting these out, I bought four 1000Kw heaters and one 800 W heater with four manual programmable thermostats. This followed research into the most economical forms of electric heating to run, with the idea of a happy tenant likely to stay there longer and look after the place better. Those from “The Infrared Heater Company” were the lowest priced ones I found, and they came with free next day delivery. Firstly, in trying to heat one room, as an example, where regular heating requirement was quoted as being between........
Ash & Co Workshops.
Ash & Co Workshops. "I have two workshops that are both drafty and we were spending a fortune on conventional heating systems. We installed air conditioning in one workshop which costs around £350 per month in the winter months to keep the workshop warm enough to survive. We often have to add to that with gas bottle heaters too. So, when we took over our new workshop, a friend recommended FAR Infrared heating and we started to look into it. I looked at a few companies and phoned them up for advice. The one with the best advice and service,........
Catalyst Vineyard Church
Catalyst Vineyard Church Catalyst Vineyard Church is a multi-site evangelical church in the north east of Scotland. Historically, our various church locations would meet in rented venues throughout the region, however, the pandemic soon meant that physical in-person church gatherings were not possible. In response to the rapidly changing situation we took on a warehouse building for the purpose of livestreaming our church services online. The size of the warehouse allowed us to create several recording stage areas which was a must have during a time where social distancing was so import for the safety of everyone involved. One of........
Heaters for Theatre "I just wanted to send a quick email to tell you how UTTERLY THRILLED I am with the 2000w industrial heaters I purchased from you recently! Customer service has been great, delivery was fast but most of all the product does what it says on the tin, for the first time in over 18 months my theatre is warm! My theatre is an old, cold and badly insulated building, it’s also massive and finding a way to heat it has been a nightmare. We tried fan heaters, oil radiators and even fuel burning portable heaters and none........
village hall
Village Hall "We recently bought 17 of the Far Infrared Industrial Heaters in order to supply and install at a local village hall. Infrared Company was very helpful in letting us know which heaters would be best for the area and size of the job and replied quickly and professionally to our email questions. The heater panels arrived within a few days of order and there were no problems with packaging. One of the panels was missing the chains needed to hang them from the ceiling and Dale very quickly arranged a replacement one to be sent in the post.........
Mecoco   "Mecoco is a social enterprise making candles, and working with disabled adults and young people in a manufacturing environment. As many of our colleagues are wheelchair users and sitting still for prolonged periods, keeping warm was a priority for us when we were planning how to heat our new workshop. Being a non-profit organisation cost was important. Working with some people who are noise sensitive meant that noisy heaters were also not an option. Then we came across IR heaters, and more importantly the Infrared Heater Company. It is one thing to find a solution that sounds like........
Active Wear Group
Active Wear Group "I recently purchased 4 x Commercial PRO Glow space heaters with 1 x room thermostat 701 and 3x radio frequency room thermostats. We have never been exposed to infrared heating before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was more than pleasantly surprised. As you can see from the attached pictures we have used three positioned directly over our work stations and the fourth heating up our newly built office. We used qualified electricians to install the heaters and they have been put on their own RCD’s within the fuse box. Although we had initial........
Leeds wood Recycling
Leeds wood Recycling "Leeds wood recycling is a social enterprise which diverts wood waste from landfill, giving long term unemployed people opportunities to access free training and volunteer opportunities. We have been running for one year and it’s been very cold! Being a start-up we didn’t have enough money in our first year to buy any heating. Our premises is a large warehouse with zero insulation, and a lot of timber around, so were initially unsure what the safest and most cost-effective way to heat the space was. Dale at The Infra red heater company was super friendly on the........
PrO Heaters
Holbeton Village Hall   "Holbeton Village Hall was completed in 1961 and was excellently built to the to the standards of the time. Over the years the insulation has been improved with the fitting of double glazing and loft insulation. Last year it was decided to replace the old heating system in the main hall. This consisted of eight antiquated, 3Kw radiant heaters. These had many disadvantages, not least the fact that they were uncontrollable and very bright which meant that they could not be on during films or plays. After a lot of consideration, it was decided to fit........
Dance Studio in Newton Abbot
Dance Studio in Newton Abbot     "I had never been able to adequately heat the whole studio and was looking for a low cost heating solution. I looked into infrared and they seemed the best option. When I contacted the INFRARED Heater Company they were very helpful and advised me what would work best for my space. I bought the infrared heaters for my large dance studios and they were delivered very quickly. I had never used infrared before. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of heat they give off. We have found our heating bills have halved! Our........
1st Quarry Bank Scouts
1st Quarry Bank Scouts "Being a manager of a small charity I am constantly looking for ways to reduce our costs as well as improve our building and lower its expenses. Just before Christmas we had an unfortunate situation where 2 of our Heaters which heat our main-room broke down. We were looking at a cost of around £4000 for like for like gas heaters. We spoke to a few colleagues for advice and they recommended we look at the offering of the Infrared Heater Company. This was an urgent situation which needed to be rectified due to cold weather........
Barbour & Sons Ltd
Barbour & Sons Ltd "We are a clothing manufacturer and supplier so business is quite varied from factory’s to offices. warehouses and stores The attached pictures show one of the dispatch offices which is located in our main warehouse. This is manned by desk based staff who found the warehouse temperature too low as the don’t move around. The issue we had was the ceiling was very high and if we fitted conventional heating most of the heat would be lost in the void above unless a suspended ceiling was fitted. We fitted 1 x 4000k heater which is the........
City Praise Center
City Praise Center "Having no functioning heating and a broken underground gas pipe caused us to rethink our heating system for our warehouse which houses a 500 seat auditorium. The previous gas heater for the unit was very uneven in the heat distribution, noisy and unsuitable to use during the service. After some initial exploration we discovered the possibility of using ‘no light infrared’ units. Speaking to Dale we discussed our requirements and situation. Our solution has been Infra red units hung from the roof (about 6m away from the floor) which are silent and have provided us with 3........
Waterford Hatha Yoga Shala Studio
Waterford Hatha Yoga Shala Studio     "We are absolutely thrilled with the new Infrared Heaters installed in our Yoga Studio. Our premises is an old building with very poor insulation, I heard some of the yoga studios in Ireland are using infrared heaters and they are great. I have been searching online to see the best cost effective and of course affordable price for one of those until I came across the Infrared Heater company. I was sceptical to order one of those at the beginning but THANKS Dale at The Infrared heater company he was super friendly on........
Cafe "Twist" in Plymouth  "In our first winter open we were looking for a cost-effective way to keep our cafe cosy. We have no gas in the building, so needed an electrical option, and time was of the essence. We're so pleased we came across The Infrared Heater Company. They provided a professional, thorough and personal service. They chatted through all our requirements and really got an understanding for what we needed. The heaters arrived quickly and we were toasty warm before we knew it! We have 2 x 1300W heaters to heat the downstairs space, which is approximately 90........
Badcaul Church of Scotland
Badcaul Church of Scotland   "Badcaul Church of Scotland has served the local village for over a century, but recent changes have been made to make the space more versatile for community use. This involved removing rows of pews from the front of the building to free up space for other activities – which created a problem: heating to this area had previously been by electric bar heaters below the now removed pews. With no mains gas available, oil fired central heating expensive to install, and a limited electrical supply to the building, options seemed limited – especially given the........
Tribe Porty
Tribe Porty "I set up a coworking and community space in an old warehouse near the sea in Edinburgh. After trying radiators and electric heaters, I needed a solution for our members sitting at desks and participating in mat classes. The infrared heaters have been a great solution for both our coworking space and our workshop space. They are super effective and easy to install and operate. Dani Trudeau of Tribe Porty"
The Edinburgh  Music Centre
The Edinburgh Music Centre  "I was delighted with both the service and advice I received from the infared heater company. I like to call when I use a new company, as all too often I have received bad service and like to know I am using a reliable company . From the offset Dale gave me advise on heater type and the correct set up I would require for my application, order arrived next day, however the box was damaged, Dale arranged collection and sent out a replacement heater straight away, along with other items I should have added to........
Smalley Sparkenhoe Display Ltd
Smalley Sparkenhoe Display Ltd   "We are a display manufacturing company in Leicestershire, over the past few years we have struggled to heat out Spray shop as all the heat is dragged out by the air filters. We heard about a new technology of infrared heaters that heat the object not the air. After trawling the internet, we came across The Infrared Heater Company, I rang for advice and Dale explained fully how the system could work for us, which heaters we would require for the area and how many. When we received the heaters I again contacted the company........
Grace Lounge Hot Yoga
Grace Lounge Hot Yoga "Grace Lounge Hot Yoga has been using infrared heat pads for nearly 3 years. The system I was using before could not be wired up to a device I could activate from my mobile phone and so I had no choice but to find a system that could deliver exactly what I wanted. Performance, heat, elegance and quality. I found the Infrared company and had the commercial heaters *Pro* no glow space heaters fitted in my studio several months ago and I have found the heat more sufficient than my last heat pads. They were easy........