Infrared Heaters for Animals. Kennels, Equine, Zoos, Pets.

 Infrared Heaters for Animals. Kennels, Equine, Zoos, Pets.

Read our customers reviews:

“ We have used the infra-red heating company for a number of years to supply clean efficient long wave radiation heat for both our livestock & personnel here at Exmoor Zoo. The more recent ceiling mounted “Lux” models are extremely useful and energy efficient for us in livestock situations where we do not wish any contact with terrestrial animals. In contrast, the ceiling mounted metal infrared heating panels we have safely been able to use with our primates and birds as they are mounted sufficiently close to the surface to prevent any detrimental animal contact with the heating unit.

 The moorland of Exmoor is subject to strong winds which can enter dwellings and the use of infrared longwave radiation is not so easily dispersed like convectional heat which tends to rise and be lost. The emission waves also enable us to select their angles and determine the heating points within the dwellings. Animals can then rest at a selected position and gently and naturally warm up even if air movement is occurring inside their living quarters.

 We have for these reasons chosen and selected ceiling mounted metal infrared heating panels for our staff room which forever has doors and  windows being opened. We also used this for our front reception area at admissions for the front of house staff who are subject to doors being opened by customers and the winds of Exmoor dispersing heat. Infrared heating helps overcome this problem of convectional dispersion.

 All the products we have ordered on their website have been dispatched securely, arrived undamaged and within the arranged time limits.”

 Danny Reynolds
Co-partner Exmoor Zoo 

"I purchased the first batch of heaters last year to heat a boarding kennel block. The block has been well insulated and double glazed. I found these Lux heaters the most economical to buy, were easy to fit using separate thermostats and have proven reliable. The way that they heat the kennels has been the most impressive, not only heating the block to a lovely overall temperature but also drying the whole environment. During damp winter months the heaters have been invaluable in creating a snug kennels for our residents. I have now fitted the Lux heater overhead and on walls to my second kennel block, cattery and reception. The original heat lamps, convector heaters and dehumidifiers are now mainly redundant. I highly recommend these heaters for this purpose and for the heating of any larger buildings. UK Infrared Company have also given great advice. Jane Parker's Boarding Kennel and Cattery Ltd."

2018-13-Nov S. Parker Lux FAR infrared heaters