Testimonials: Commercial Space, Office, Restaurant.

Energy Evolution Limited

   Just a quick testimony to you with regards to the infrared heating company's brilliant heating panels.

   We have purchased from you numerous times and have always found our initial conversation regarding what exactly we are looking for to be helpful, informative, both for us and our customers, after we have established the correct products and accessories required the ordering procedure is again really simple and delivery has always been when requested on time and with no mistakes! This is always one of the most important parts of the process for us as we use a third party installation team and if incorrect or late delivery means it costs us money!

     If we do have any issues with delivery or the actual product then it's always dealt with happily and efficiently.

     What is always extremely helpful is the ease of installation and the guidance available to my installation teams if required thank you for that.

     We installed 10 panels for a recent job where we were also installing LED and EV all for the same client so a big job and just like to say you guys were spot on when we had an issue with regards to where exactly we could fit the thermostats for the the most efficient readings. I have included some images of a very good installation and more importantly a very happy client.

     I genuinely can't recommend you guys enough and will 100% be using you in the future, even though we have other manufacturers/suppliers much closer to us.

     Thank you once again.

Kind regards

    Gary Lorimer


    Energy evolution limited

Ash & Co Workshops.

"I have two workshops that are both drafty and we were spending a fortune on conventional heating systems. We installed air conditioning in one workshop which costs around £350 per month in the winter months to keep the workshop warm enough to survive. We often have to add to that with gas bottle heaters too.

So, when we took over our new workshop, a friend recommended FAR Infrared heating and we started to look into it. I looked at a few companies and phoned them up for advice. The one with the best advice and service, was the Infra Red Heater Co who told me everything I needed to know. So I ordered three of the larger heaters for the workshop.

  The install was simple and we wired in the thermostat and two heaters in no time. I had actually bought three but in the end we decided to only install two of them as they were so effective. Honestly, I think these heaters are brilliant. They are warm in no time and if you're standing underneath them within the range, it's toastie warm. We don't even have them on for that long as they're so good.

  Recently we installed a paint booth into the new workshop so we've raised one of the heaters up out of the way as we just don't need it. We plan to remove that one and install four of them into our main workshop now and just forget the aircon system altogether. It's just so good for a drafty environment compared to other heaters. It's the best purchase I've made this year.

So if you're considering what to do for a new type of heating system, then I hope this review is useful. I can recommend the system and the company that sold it to me with no hesitation at all.

Thanks Dale and team!

   Jonty Ashworth - Ash & Co Workshops. "

Heaters for Office

"The performance of the units exceed our own and clients expectations, so much so our client is now looking to get these units in other parts of their offices. Fitting was very easy, no different from fitting a normal ceiling tile and can be weird however required."

Kristopher Bunnage


City Praise Center

"Having no functioning heating and a broken underground gas pipe caused us to rethink our heating system for our warehouse which houses a 500 seat auditorium. The previous gas heater for the unit was very uneven in the heat distribution, noisy and unsuitable to use during the service. After some initial exploration we discovered the possibility of using ‘no light infrared’ units. Speaking to Dale we discussed our requirements and situation. Our solution has been Infra red units hung from the roof (about 6m away from the floor) which are silent and have provided us with 3 controllable heating zones, producing even yet tailored temperatures across a building that previously had very clear hot and cold zones! Despite the units being located at the very edge of their ideal operating distance due to our lighting rig they are capable of heating the building from cold 6/7 degrees to 19 degrees in a couple of hours, which is then very easily maintainable. The panels themselves were delivered within a couple of days of placing the order and installation was through our local electrician who started on Monday morning and left us a warm building on Thursday evening! The app based remote control and programming saves worries about arriving early to turn it on or returning to see if someone’s left the heating on. We are very happy with this innovative solution as the panels are very unobtrusive and operation truly is hassle free!"

Leeds wood Recycling

"Leeds wood recycling is a social enterprise which diverts wood waste from landfill, giving long term unemployed people opportunities to access free training and volunteer opportunities. We have been running for one year and it’s been very cold! Being a start-up we didn’t have enough money in our first year to buy any heating. Our premises is a large warehouse with zero insulation, and a lot of timber around, so were initially unsure what the safest and most cost-effective way to heat the space was. Dale at The Infra red heater company was super friendly on the phone and advised us to use the Ceiling Mounted Panel Heaters, it’s something I hadn’t really heard of before but is a product that matches our needs exactly. The service was great, with speedy delivery and our retail and workshop team are so happy with the results. You’ll notice that our volunteer is even wearing a t shirt in the photo. In November! The heaters are safe, warm and cost-effective. We thoroughly recommend them!"

EP Gym

At EP Gym we have been using your Infrared heaters for over two years now, we didn't expect it to make as much difference as they have. We initially looked into being because we aren't on the mains gas supply so we tried little gas heaters which turned out to be very noisy & a health risk to our members. Eventually we decided to try these infrared heaters and well the feedback was great. As you can see from the picture we have hung them from the ceiling in various parts of the gym which creates a very efficient distribution of heat which is great in the winters months. As a whole they have been very easy to maintain & cost effective which is exactly what we were looking for.

Agency UK studio 

"Please find attached the pictures of the AgencyUK studio with Infra Red Heaters installed.

We chose them because they were said to be efficient, and we could install them on the ceiling freeing up wall space and saving employees from touching them. They also look contemporary, perfect for our creative studio.

It was a bit of a risk as we weren’t entirely convinced they would work that effectively. However they are unbelievable. We’ve had to lower the thermostats to 15 degrees as they’re mounted high up the hot air rises. They are the warmest heating system we have ever had and we’re considering g placing them in our home too."


Sammy, Agency UK studio 

Exmoor Zoo 

“ We have used the infra-red heating company for a number of years to supply clean efficient long wave radiation heat for both our livestock & personnel here at Exmoor Zoo. The more recent ceiling mounted “Lux” models are extremely useful and energy efficient for us in livestock situations where we do not wish any contact with terrestrial animals. In contrast, the ceiling mounted metal infrared heating panels we have safely been able to use with our primates and birds as they are mounted sufficiently close to the surface to prevent any detrimental animal contact with the heating unit.

The moorland of Exmoor is subject to strong winds which can enter dwellings and the use of infrared longwave radiation is not so easily dispersed like convectional heat which tends to rise and be lost. The emission waves also enable us to select their angles and determine the heating points within the dwellings. Animals can then rest at a selected position and gently and naturally warm up even if air movement is occurring inside their living quarters.

 We have for these reasons chosen and selected ceiling mounted metal infrared heating panels for our staff room which forever has doors and  windows being opened. We also used this for our front reception area at admissions for the front of house staff who are subject to doors being opened by customers and the winds of Exmoor dispersing heat. Infrared heating helps overcome this problem of convectional dispersion.

 All the products we have ordered on their website have been dispatched securely, arrived undamaged and within the arranged time limits.”

 Danny Reynolds
Co-partner Exmoor Zoo 

Victory Martial Arts

We love the infrared heaters They manage to heat in a very cost effective way a large open space in our welcome area and our conference room

They are so much easier to use than our previous space heaters ,plus they are streamlined and don't detract from the look of the area.

Cost effective ,silent and attractive heaters that do their job perfectly.One of the best buys we have made in terms of reducing costs and heating the areas needed.I would highly recommend these heaters and this company ,very professional and great customer care.
Mr G Mckibben
Victory Martial Arts"

Heaters for Stables

During lockdown we temporarily moved to our stables in order to have some space and keep an eye on our animals properly. During the day it was fine but the evenings got quite chilly, quite quickly so we decided to look for an ethical and cheap source of heating. We looked at various heaters and having heard about infra-red heaters decided to start off with a small type to see if it worked or not.

When it arrived (very promptly) we were surprised by how small it was but installed it anyway. The heater came with all the fittings and was easy to wire into a plug although we decided to fit it into the lighting circuit and gave it its own switch.

When we turned it on we waited a few minutes and it began to warm up quite nicely. Very soon we were amazed at how much heat it gave out, the thing is, it's not like heat off a radiator, it's like sitting in the sun but without the brightness. The heater is only 180mm * 800mm and about 10mm thick, very lightweight and gives out an amazing amount of heat for such a small thing. The really odd thing with it, is that it doesn't burn if you touch it.

We will never go back to radiators now and although we have just the one in the barn we have since bought panel heaters to fit in the suspended ceiling at the office. These too are great particularly as the front door is often open letting cold air in, but as the heaters heat the object in line of their rays as opposed to the air itself our reception staff still feel the benefit.

It's an amazing piece of technology and I would recommend it to anyone.

My only words of caution would be to place the heaters where you will be in line with them and don't go for cheaper brands, we bought a couple of larger heaters from elsewhere and were very disappointed.

Warmest Regards

Chris Fleet

Dance Studio in Newton Abbot 

 "I had never been able to adequately heat the whole studio and was looking for a low cost heating solution. I looked into infrared and they seemed the best option. When I contacted the INFRARED Heater Company they were very helpful and advised me what would work best for my space.

I bought the infrared heaters for my large dance studios and they were delivered very quickly. I had never used infrared before. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of heat they give off. We have found our heating bills have halved!

Our heaters are on the ceiling and therefore safe from little fingers and no worries about children touching and burning themselves on a heater. Each heater covers a large area and is a perfect heat for dancing and exercising with. Its easy to turn on and off but I'm still trying to get to grips with the settings of the thermostat. However, if it gets too hot we can turn it down very easily.

I will definitely be buying more infrared heaters for the other studios and would recommend them to anyone who has a large space to heat:)"

Heaters for Theatre

"I just wanted to send a quick email to tell you how UTTERLY THRILLED I am with the 2000w industrial heaters I purchased from you recently!

Customer service has been great, delivery was fast but most of all the product does what it says on the tin, for the first time in over 18 months my theatre is warm! My theatre is an old, cold and badly insulated building, it’s also massive and finding a way to heat it has been a nightmare.

We tried fan heaters, oil radiators and even fuel burning portable heaters and none of them worked, just 20 minutes after installing your heaters we were all warm, INFACT, for the first time ever we got so warm we had to turn them off and open windows!

We ordered 10 2000w heaters as we don’t have 3phase energy and just 5 of them in one part of the space has kept us toasty warm, we are fitting the others throughout the building.

I honestly can’t quantify how much this means to me and the impact it’s going to make on my business, I had people walking in last night and saying ‘oh it’s nice and warm in here’ that’s never happened as usually it’s colder in my space than it is outside.

I can’t recommend your company highly enough and will be getting more in the future I’m sure of that, if this review makes it to the website and any potential customers are considering buying them, DO IT, they are worth every penny!

Thanks again

Jay Smith - The Stage Y Llwyfan, Neath, South Wales"

  Holbeton Village Hall was completed in 1961 and was excellently built to the to the standards of the time. Over the years the insulation has been improved with the fitting of double glazing and loft insulation. Last year it was decided to replace the old heating system in the main hall. This consisted of eight antiquated, 3Kw radiant heaters. These had many disadvantages, not least the fact that they were uncontrollable and very bright which meant that they could not be on during films or plays.

   After a lot of consideration, it was decided to fit modern, Infra-Red Heaters and after

researching the market, we decided to fit six 2Kw PRO No Glow Infra-Red Heaters, supplied by the UK Infra Red Heating Company. Industrial Infrared Heaters Far Infrared Commercial Heaters UK. (infraredcompany.com)

   These heaters have proved ideal for our purposes, they are very well controlled by a simple thermostat system, they heat the room very well for much less cost and give off no visible light.

  We highly recommend this heating system; the hall is about 12M x 8M

   Richard Jackelman

Mecoco - Social Enterprise

  Mecoco is a social enterprise making candles, and working with disabled adults and young people in a manufacturing environment. As many of our colleagues are wheelchair users and sitting still for prolonged periods, keeping warm was a priority for us when we were planning how to heat our new workshop. Being a non-profit organisation cost was important. Working with some people who are noise sensitive meant that noisy heaters were also not an option.        Then we came across IR heaters, and more importantly the Infrared Heater Company. 

   It is one thing to find a solution that sounds like it fits the bill. It is another thing to then be able to communicate quickly, reliably and professionally with someone about our needs. The company have been a pleasure to deal with and we are so pleased with the heaters. They were easy to install and, as we now also have them on remote sockets, we can turn them on first thing in the morning and the workshop is toasty warm for when we arrive for work.    


Bristol South Aikido Dojo

Bristol South Aikido Dojo is a venue that provides martial arts training to students who vary in age from 5 years old to 75 years old. Our premises are rented and come with no heating source. In our first winter in our new home we found that without heating our premises were just too cold. This had a detrimental effect upon our classes and also affected attendance. Students did not want to come and freeze while training and class sizes and revenue dropped. 

As a result we decided that we needed to install some form of heating. Our training is a physical activity so we were looking for a form of heating that would generate an ambient temperature for our activities. Not too hot but not too cold. Also we were keen to avoid some of the issues with traditional heating such as fire risk, fumes from gas fires and of course high running costs. The Infrared system sounded ideal for our purposes and most of all sounded economical to run. After deliberations we selected Far Infrared Heaters "LUX", Infrared heating panels which we would hang from our ceilings at a height that would not impact our weapons training. We chose the most powerful ones available and purchased 3 although this was a little under the recommended number for the size of the room. The ordering process was very simple and our delivery arrived within a few days. An electrician was needed to help with fitting them which was not simple given that we do have high ceilings in our premises but in half a day they were in place. Winter is now completed. Overall I am pleased with the results. The room does not get hot but there is a warmth that students can feel. It makes our dojo much more welcoming and we have seen that students continue to attend classes. We more than cover running costs with extra attendance and the initial outlay should be recovered within the first year. Based on the success of my 1st order I purchased a further heater for a smaller room and that is even better that the original set. Regards Daren Sims - Bristol South Aikido Dojo

Activewear Group

"I recently purchased 4 x Commercial PRO Glow space heaters with 1 x room thermostat 701 and 3x radio frequency room thermostats.

We have never been exposed to infrared heating before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was more than pleasantly surprised.

As you can see from the attached pictures we have used three positioned directly over our work stations and the fourth heating up our newly built office. We used qualified electricians to install the heaters and they have been put on their own RCD’s within the fuse box. Although we had initial trouble “pairing” the thermostats we were sent a “youtube” clip explaining how to do this and within seconds it became very obvious what we were doing wrong and it worked straight away. Our ceiling is 3500mm in height and we were advised to have them hanging 900mm from the ceiling our electrician wanted to install at 300mm we compromised at 600mm with the option to shorten or lengthen but having used them daily now for two months we are really happy at 600mm. I feel qualified in writing about our experience because we used these heaters extensively when the weather was minus 8 degrees outside and I have not heard one complaint about it being too cold, not one! Personally, I have to take my jacket and jumper off to remain comfortable when I work under them. I would describe the heat that these heaters provide as a subtle heat as opposed to a direct fan like heat and having the room thermostats set keeps the whole place nicely warmed in the most economical way, we really couldn’t be happier." 

Steve Frost

Business Developer

Gwent Energy CIC 

At present many community centres waste a lot of energy heating the whole building ready for use. We want to find a way to avoid wasting a lot of energy preheating a building for an evening event. Infrared has the potential to do this.

We are experimenting with infrared heating as a cost effective way to heat community buildings halls in a zero carbon way. Infrared coupled with solar and batteries has the potential to deliver this.

It may be the ONLY technology for many poorly insulated community buildings where hours of preheating using fossil fuel is currently required

 We have 5 heaters on test at llanarth village hall near Abergavenny. The test is to determine if infrared is acceptable to users and how it will be used, to replace oil heating. Installation was straightforward and consisted of 3 heaters in the kitchen and 2 heaters in the meeting room. The test is taking longer than expected due to covid lockdown and only hall staff are benefiting at present.

 After we learn the lessons, we plan to roll these out to about 40 more halls on the journey to zero carbon in Gwent.

Village Hall

"We recently bought 17 of the Far Infrared Industrial Heaters in order to supply and install at a local village hall. Infrared Company was very helpful in letting us know which heaters would be best for the area and size of the job and replied quickly and professionally to our email questions. The heater panels arrived within a few days of order and there were no problems with packaging. One of the panels was missing the chains needed to hang them from the ceiling and Dale very quickly arranged a replacement one to be sent in the post. The instructions were simple and easy to read and the panels were easy to install. We were advised to install Infra-Red Panels as we are a rural location with no access to mains gas and the old system were very inefficient gas heaters which cost a lot to maintain and run, the village hall is now looking at installing solar panels to help reduce the ongoing costs of the electricity. The hall is now warmer and heats up a lot quicker when the thermostats are turned up. The panels look good in the hall, and as they are fitted to the ceiling, cannot pose any health and safety risks to users of the hall. The thermostats we have installed means its easier for users to control the temperature and the panels respond quickly. As they are a source of radiated heat (not convection like normal radiators) they heat up people and objects, not the air and as such we believe they will be more efficient in the long run.

We would definitely recommend these panels to other users and would suggest installing them in homes, offices and village halls like we have. "

Simon Heppell

Starchelle Communications

Infrared Heater For Tortoise

"Just wanted to say how delighted we are with the infrared radiant panel purchased from your company. We bought the 500w 'Max' panel which is a slimline panel which we've had installed in our tortoise house which is inside a shed. The nights are cold and our giant tortoise needs to be kept at 26 degrees c ambient and this, connected to a thermostat, is perfect. It warms him and his enclosure but switches off when it exceeds 26 degrees. We have it mounted on the wall of his night box at an angle so it directs heat over him. You could mount on the ceiling too. The actual panel is only 80cm by 12cm so unobtrusive in a small space. My Sulcata tortoise is very happy with the heat and has started eating and moving more (he's a non-hibernating breed). Dale ensured I received the product within 2 days and provided all the advice I needed to help me decide which purchase to make. The product was well packaged and the instructions simple for my electrician to install. I am very happy with the product and the service we received."

Badcaul Church of Scotland

Badcaul Church of Scotland has served the local village for over a century, but recent changes have been made to make the space more versatile for community use.

This involved removing rows of pews from the front of the building to free up space for other activities – which created a problem: heating to this area had previously been by electric bar heaters below the now removed pews. With no mains gas available, oil fired central heating expensive to install, and a limited electrical supply to the building, options seemed limited – especially given the size of the building, the height of the ceiling, and little insulation. Then we contacted the Infrared Heater Company with a description of the problem, a sketch of the building, and a plea for help. The response was immediate, detailed and affordable. Very soon after two infrared ceiling panels were soon on their way north. Easily installed by willing volunteers, the heaters proved an instant success. After a short time to pre-heat, they effectively warm the activity space without having to heat the unused areas and roof space. Result: lots of happy exercise groups, social gatherings, craft classes and community lunchers. We are deeply grateful to the Infrared Heater Company. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The Edinburgh Music Centre

"I was delighted with both the service and advice I received from the infrared heater company.

I like to call when I use a new company, as all too often I have received bad service and like to know I am using a reliable company .

From the offset Dale gave me advise on heater type and the correct set up I would require for my application, order arrived next day, however the box was damaged, Dale arranged collection and sent out a replacement heater straight away, along with other items I should have added to my first order.

Replacement heaters arrived the next day and we are at this moment having them fitted in our music shop in Edinburgh. We are VERY happy with the look of the heaters.

I would not hesitate to recommend the infared heater company to any one who is looking for a new heater for there home or shop.

Thanks from The Edinburgh Music Centre Edinburgh"

Elite Renewables

My client had been told for a long time that there was no effective heating solution for his gym that was located beneath a concrete rugby stand as it was not a proper building and there were lots of gaps between the concrete slabs that let in outside air. His only solution had been mobile LPG heaters which were very expensive to operate, bad for the carbon footprint and gave off fumes as well as being very localised heat which was unpleasant for the gym users. I recommended the use of infra-red heaters as I had used them before on other projects and they are always remarkably effective. We installed 9 heaters to cover the 40 metre long area, mounted about 3 metres above floor level to produce enough span and in spite of the initial doubts and reservations by the members, within a day or so the feedback was incredibly positive mixed with some amazement as to the effectiveness of the solution. The heaters manage to warm the space to a comfortable level without causing hot spots which would make working-out quite unpleasant. All in all, infra-red heaters have produced the perfect solution at a reasonable cost so I would, without doubt, continue to promote their use.

Martyn Fowler

Elite Renewables Director

Cafe "Twist" in Plymouth 

"In our first winter open we were looking for a cost-effective way to keep our cafe cosy. We have no gas in the building, so needed an electrical option, and time was of the essence. We're so pleased we came across The Infrared Heater Company. They provided a professional, thorough and personal service. They chatted through all our requirements and really got an understanding for what we needed. The heaters arrived quickly and we were toasty warm before we knew it! We have 2 x 1300W heaters to heat the downstairs space, which is approximately 90 metres square. The heaters are located over the customer seating area and blend in with the surroundings well. Upstairs was slightly more complicated - the ceilings are high and the building is very badly insulated. We went with 2 x 2000W industrial heaters. They work fantastically in the space. We've kept our customers warm through a cold winter, and the increase in our electric bill was nowhere near what we feared. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Infrared Heater Company."

Infrared Heater for Garden Room.

"I’ve just completed my Garden room and used the Infrared Heating Company. My room is 4.4m x 3m x 2.4m high and is a timber kit construction. I built it off a concrete slab which has 140mm kingspan insulation in it. The ceiling has 140 wool insulation and the walls has 140mm wool insulation.

I phoned The company and spoke to Dale who was really good at giving me all the information I needed and also recommended the 1100w Thermo Glass absolutely transparent ceiling mounted heater.

I was originally sceptical on whether this heater was big enough to heat the room as it only measures 860mm x 350mm. I decided to go with Dales advice and purchased the 1100w heater along with the programmable room thermostat 701. It arrived quickly and it was easy to wire up.

My worries about it not being big enough disappeared with in an hour of it being wired up and switched on. These heaters are amazing, they heat up my room reasonably quick and the heat always feels comfortable.

Not only does it work effectively and is cheap to run it looks really good. Everyone that comes into the shed comments on how it looks and how comfortable the heat is. I would thoroughly recommend these heaters and the Infrared heating company along with Dale if you are needing Modern cost effective heaters.

Owen J Stewart


Core Electrical Services Ltd

"We are an electrical contractor specializing in motorcycle showroom installations. One of our recent installs included a requirement to fit out the workshops. Ordinarily these would be heated using a large gas heater such as a combat heater or similar but due to the lower ceiling height at this site an alternative had to be considered. Part of the problem with a garage is that the roller shutter door is often open to allow the bikes to be wheeled in and out, which means trying to keep the air temperature constant is quite difficult. After looking into the options available we decided to install Far “LUX” 800W infra red heating panels, ceiling hung on the chain suspension kit that comes with them. The heaters where positioned in between the bike ramps, above the work benches to optimize coverage where the mechanics would be most of the time. These heaters proved to be the ideal solution, giving great coverage and the feeling of standing in invisible sunshine. They look good too, blending in with the lighting scheme and have the added obvious benefit of being completely silent. We have a similar installation to do later this year and will definitely be using these heaters again. Kind Regards"

Mike Wordsworth

Core Electrical Services Ltd

Barbour & Sons Ltd

  "We are a clothing manufacturer and supplier so business is quite varied from factory’s to offices. warehouses and stores The attached pictures show one of the dispatch offices which is located in our main warehouse. This is manned by desk based staff who found the warehouse temperature too low as the don’t move around. The issue we had was the ceiling was very high and if we fitted conventional heating most of the heat would be lost in the void above unless a suspended ceiling was fitted.

We fitted 1 x 4000k heater which is the largest you that you supply. The staff were very sceptical of the infrared heater however once it was fitted it transformed the working temperature in the room and the staff were very happy indeed. The heater was a great price for the size of the room and also saved money on a suspended ceiling, this was an excellent answer to our heating problems. Our second install was in a completely different environment (unfortunately I cannot supply pictures as we are currently on lock down) This install solved a completely different type of issue. The problem I had was that the area is shared by two different departments. One set of staff work over a heated table all day so the always find the area too hot. The other staff work on inspection and input and always found the area too cold. I had fitted 2 x 2000k heaters above the inspection staff which allowed us to keep the main at quite a low temperature. This product was perfect and stopped all complaints from both sets of staff. I would highly recommend these products, they heat the person rather than the area and they save a lot of energy compared to conventional heaters."

Heaters for Workshop

I first came across the heating panels when I visited my archives friend for New Year earlier this year. He had just competed a brick and glass conservatory and I was amazed that it was heated entirely by two clear 600W infrared panels connected to a timed thermostat supplied by your company. So impressed, upon my return home I ordered 4 of the 400w opaque heaters for my workshop where I am renovating my classic jeep. I sized the workshop using your table which worked out perfectly and attached then to the ceiling timbers as per the attached picture. I set the thermostat to 18deg C which was maintained throughout Jan Feb without any problem. Since then I have installed 3 of the clear 600w heaters in my holiday chalet, two on the living area and one in the bedroom. The place is now so cosy with a wonderful feel and the saving in propane will easily pay for the units. Unfortunately I don’t have any picture and can’t return there for a while. Finally I would add that the fitting of the units and thermostat is very well explained in the attached literature and straight forward for any diy person and the running cost is minimal compared to other conventional type heaters. I am very pleased and impressed with the technology and so glad I came across them. Thanks Dale for your assistance. Best regards Peter Gregory.

Heaters for the Garder Room

"Very happy with my purchase, previously to changing the purpose & redecorating the room it contained two bulky unsightly convection heaters. After months of hard work it would of ruined the new look of the room to keep the old heaters, they had to go! After spending a long time looking for the right product, I found UK Infrared Company & they had the ones that ticked all the boxes. Sleek, stylish, powerful & good value for money. I purchased two black glass 1000w heaters, but they have been so good only one is really needed. However they look great in the room so I'm glad to have both. The room is not always in use so the built in thermostat is so useful. Set low to tick over when not in use, then back to normal when I'm in there. The heaters handle the temperature changes great, it's not long till the room is back up to normal room temperature. Can't fault the product at all!"

Rob Steggles home owner

Waterford Hatha Yoga Shala

We are absolutely thrilled with the new Infrared Heaters installed in our Yoga Studio. Our premises is an old building with very poor insulation, I heard some of the yoga studios in Ireland are using infrared heaters and they are great. I have been searching online to see the best cost effective and of course affordable price for one of those until I came across the Infrared Heater company. I was sceptical to order one of those at the beginning but THANKS Dale at The Infrared heater company he was super friendly on the phone and advised me to use the Ceiling Mounted Panel Heaters (Far Infrared Industrial Heaters. Commercial Heaters "PRO" No Glow Space Heaters), he went through the product with me patiently and to make sure the product that matches our needs exactly. He advised me to angle the heater at 45 degree as you can see from the picture our ceiling in the studio is low so mounting on the wall would be the safest and most efficient way to maximize the heat transfer to the room. I couldn’t believe the customer service was extremely great, with speedy delivery as well. My students and teachers can feel the different already since the infrared heaters have been put up. The studio is nice, cosy and warm with the comfort level which has been a great solution for the cold premises as the infrared heaters are very efficient way to distribute the heat which is great in the winter months. They are very easy to maintain and cost effective which is exactly what we were looking for. I have recently recommended the infrared company to my neighboring yoga studio about the products available from the Infrared Heater Company. Regards, Waterford Hatha Yoga Shala ( Ireland) Flora

Heaters for Dance Studio

"We are absolutely thrilled with the new Infra RED HEATERS installed in our Dance Studio. We have struggled for years with our 6 x 3kw fan heaters never really reaching the corners of the studio where the children and elderly members are exercising . The serious cold winters have been a struggle to keep the occupants warm by just air heat , especially at floor level . Our timber roomed Studio looses heat as fast as we put it in . Everything has now changed with a comfort level never before experienced . We have saved a “fortune” in swapping 18kw for 5.2kw , and we now feel the true benefit of direct-to-body heat especially when wearing nominal exercise clothing and lying down in Yoga sessions . We cannot emphasise more the savings and comfort that we now enjoy . Thanks Infra Red Company for the help and advice in choosing our system layout and sizing “ Regards, Tony Nicklin Chairman The Warminster Athenaeum Trust

Tony Nicklin The Warminster Athenaeum Trust

Smalley Sparkenhoe Display Ltd

"We are a display manufacturing company in Leicestershire, over the past few years we have struggled to heat out Spray shop as all the heat is dragged out by the air filters. We heard about a new technology of infrared heaters that heat the object not the air. After trawling the internet, we came across The Infrared Heater Company, I rang for advice and Dale explained fully how the system could work for us, which heaters we would require for the area and how many. When we received the heaters I again contacted the company for advice with installation. I cannot fault the customer service from start to finish, the heaters are working perfectly for our business, they are relatively inexpensive to buy and run. We are now considering heating the rest of our factory with this technology and will definitely come back to The Infrared Heater Company for their services. Michelle Smalley Sparkenhoe Display Ltd"

Practising Electrician

   I am a practising electrician who has been aware of the benefits of far infra-red heating for a few years now, but had not had the opportunity to install more than a stand-alone plug-in FIR heater until a few weeks ago when I had to renovate a rental property which had very old and ropey night storage heaters. I purchased four “Lux” bar heaters from the Infra Red Heater Company to replace the night storage heaters in the property. Upstairs, we chose 600 W heaters for the bedrooms, and downstairs, we selected 800 W for the kitchen and 1kW for the sitting room. The upstairs heaters and downstairs heaters were supplied as two individual 16 Amp circuits from the consumer unit to a Programmable Room Thermostat (701) where they then split off to their final locations in the individual rooms. Wiring diagram: I was able to speak directly to the company director, Mr Dale Rose, to confirm that my own calculations for power rating and room size were suitable. Mr Rose was also on hand to give more detailed descriptions of how the heaters were fitted and how they were wired. The installation of the heaters went without a hitch and the tenants are more than satisfied with the heating comfort levels and quality of the air now in the house. Far infra red heaters are an efficient way to heat a room because energy is not wasted in heating circulating air currents. The efficiency of the heaters in this property has been further increased through of the level of control achieved from the room thermostats. This means the heaters are not constantly on, but can be programmed to come on at pre-programmed times to suit the needs of the user. Once pre-determined levels of heat are achieved, the heaters will switch off until the temperature drops again. Overall, I have been very impressed by the quality of product and the level of customer support from the Infra Red Heating Company and I would not hesitate to choose their products again or recommend them to another customer.

Community Space in Edinburgh

I set up a coworking and community space in an old warehouse near the sea in Edinburgh. After trying radiators and electric heaters, I needed a solution for our members sitting at desks and participating in mat classes. The infrared heaters have been a great solution for both our coworking space and our workshop space. They are super effective and easy to install and operate. Dani Trudeau of Tribe Porty

Heaters for the Shop

We are situated in a very old pre 1900 Co-op building, there is no gas supply. Previously we struggled to heat the space using plug in electric heaters and oil filled radiators, these were unsafe for small children not to mention the huge electricity bills. In October 2016 I came across the infrared heating company while researching on the internet (probably wearing gloves and a scalrf) I spoke with them at length on the phone for advice on my unique situation. The help I received was second to none, I am hoping to install more heaters in the future. The building is enormous so we just bought what we could back in 2016. The heaters we have are 8x1300w Lux heaters and 2x 2000w commercial heaters. Being ceiling mounted takes away any risk of children burning them selves while dancing. We have them in most rooms attached to a room thermostat. We have found them extremely reliable and economical. I would recommend to anyone with any size property. We use them in small spaces as well as the vast space of the dance studios. Would recommend the company and the products I haven’t found better value anywhere.

Castlebay Bar on the island of Barra

When I completely renovated the Castlebay Bar on the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, I needed a new smart heating system which would be effective as well as cost-efficient. I did some research on the internet and found the Infrared Heater Company. After a discussion with Dale, I ordered 3 Thermoglass ceiling panels (1300 watt) which are completely see-through, plus programmable thermostat. They were delivered promptly and were soon installed. They work brilliantly and we have received many compliments from our clientele. Barra can be cold when the wind is blowing and our Bar is now a warm refuge from the weather outside! People have also commented favourably on the attractive appearance of the plain glass panels. The photo only shows one of the panels - it is impossible to get a shot showing all 3. Terry Mackay, owner

Martial Arts and Fitness Academy

We run a martial arts and fitness academy and when we first started leasing the industrial unit we used electric heaters but they were so expensive to run and the benefit was not great. We then installed a gas heater which was very costly after some research we decided that infared heaters might be the way to go. Once they were fitted we instantly felt the benefits and the monthly cost on our gas bill went down dramatically. The customer service we received was brilliant when asking for advice on which product we should choose. We will be looking at installing more panel heaters in other areas of the unit as we expand and renovate.

1st Quarry Bank Scouts

"Being a manager of a small charity I am constantly looking for ways to reduce our costs as well as improve our building and lower its expenses. Just before Christmas we had an unfortunate situation where 2 of our Heaters which heat our main-room broke down. We were looking at a cost of around £4000 for like for like gas heaters. We spoke to a few colleagues for advice and they recommended we look at the offering of the Infrared Heater Company. This was an urgent situation which needed to be rectified due to cold weather and Children being the main users of the hall. 

After browsing the website and calculating the size of our room, we contacted Dale via Email and phone to discuss our requirements. We were initially looking at 8-10x 2500W heaters, looking at spending in excess of £2500. We had very specific requirements due to the room size, the inconsistent usage and the durability of the item. After giving our needs to Dale he recommended an equivalent solution which ended up saving us a large sum of money for 4x 2 Kw IR Ceiling Mounted Heaters and a Programmable thermostat for around £1050 – Including Postage!!. We Received nothing but Amazing service from Dale and his team, the offering we wanted was initially out of stock so we had to wait a little while. This allowed our electrician to make the prep work. As soon as the item was available to ship we were able to place the order and were kept informed at all stages of the dispatch and delivery. The item was fitted easily and mounted to the ceiling without issue. Once the heaters were installed we have had no issues, they work as described and are flawless. A High Quality professional item, which looks sleek and is a minimalist addition to our ceiling space; in turn removing wall heaters we had in the past and the associated risks that come with them (See Pictured). Not only has moving to electric saved us money, using the Infrared Heater Company saved us a lot more money than we were expecting by tailoring the solution to our needs. We would recommend Dale and his team and have had enquiries from members of the public about our heaters which we will continue to pass onto the website. Ted Batham- Group Manager on Behalf of 1st Quarry Bank Scout Group – www.1stqb.org.uk"