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How do infrared panels work?

The heaters produce heat like the frequency of the sun and as they get warm, heat radiates into the room and is absorbed directly by the people, objects and surfaces within their heating span. As the objects in the room warm up, they begin to re-radiate the heat, effectively turning your room into a 360° radiator. This deep level of heating warms you much more effectively than a convection heater set to the same temperature, so you can turn your panel thermostat down several degrees and still feel warm.

Is infrared heating safe?

Far infrared heating is 100% safe and natural for our bodies, and our well-being, as the human body is designed to accept and emit infrared. The feeling of warmth from infrared is particularly comfortable. It is UV that is harmful, not infrared, and so there is no need to worry.

What are the advantages of infrared over other heating systems?

A major advantage of infrared heating is that air is not used as the medium for transporting the heat. There is less air movement which reduces the amount of dust lifted into the air. The result of this is you have far less dust and allergens in the air we breathe. Another factor to consider is the drying out of damp walls. Infrared heats the walls and not the air combating mould and mildew which in turn improves the air quality. Also, by heating the objects/materials of the room there is very little temperature difference between floor and ceiling. With convection heating systems the warm air is near the ceiling and the floor is cold. With infrared heaters, you have a pleasant temperature throughout the room.

How do I choose the right wattage and panel?

To choose your infrared panel sizes you will need to calculate the wattage required to heat your room. Wattage is a measurement of the minimum power output of your heaters. You can use our infrared calculator to work out an estimate of the wattage required to heat your room or contact us for a no obligation quote. After determining the wattage, you will need to choose a panel or combination of panels that adds up to your required wattage. If you find yourself with a choice between panels of a higher or lower wattage than your recommended total, always choose higher. Under-specifying your heating will force your panels to work harder to heat the space, decreasing their efficiency and shortening their life span. Over-specifying will not cause overheating or be more expensive to run. More powerful panels will heat the space easily and, if fitted with a thermostat, will simply switch off when the room reaches temperature – providing you with comfort heating at optimum efficiency. If the building has high ceilings, poor insulation, or any factors that contribute to heat loss, we recommend getting additional. Choosing the most suitable type of panel should be based on the available mounting position (ceiling/wall/floor), wiring (hard-wiring or plug-in), look/aesthetic, etc. 

Where is the best place to mount a panel?
Our panels radiate infrared heat which is then absorbed by objects and surfaces of the room. The most effective place for you to mount your panels is usually higher up on the walls or on the ceiling. The heaters will be less effective if they are mounted directly opposite a window or door as there will be no thermal mass to absorb the energy. You will feel heat from the panels to a distance of around 2.5-3m, so if you want to have the feeling of the warmth from the panels try to mount them within 3m of where you are normally located within the room. Do not place your radiators behind obstructions such as sofas, tables or long curtains. The radiators will not be able to radiate heat into the room if their surfaces are covered.

Can the heaters be used in a bathroom?
Infrared panels can be useful in bathrooms because the radiated heat is absorbed directly by the walls, which can help to reduce damp. Mirror panels and towel rail panels are the most popular choice for bathrooms. The heated elements in the mirror panels prevent condensation forming on the surface, however, any of our heaters with IP 44 or IP54 can be used in zone 2 of a bathroom.
How do I control an infrared heating panel?
Some panels we offer come with a built-in thermostats so they can be controlled through the buttons on the units. For the panels which don’t come with built-in thermostats, you can control them using any of our BVF programmable room thermostats. The 701, 24-FX and N-1 can be hard-wired while the 24-FA can be plugged in. 
Are infrared panels easy to install?
. Yes, our heaters a very easy to install. If you wish to hard-wire the heaters, you can do so with the help of any qualified electrician. However, some of our heaters come with UK plug and 1.5m cable. For those, you can install them yourself by following the instructions to mount the brackets and simply plugging the cord into the socket.
Are there maintenance & servicing costs for infrared heaters?
There are no maintenance and servicing costs related with Infrared heating panels. There are no moving parts or liquids or gases that require any form of annual maintenance contract. The other major benefit of Infrared panels is that in the rare case one should go wrong, you only need replace the one that has gone wrong and don’t lose heat from the entire system (unlike central heating boilers, heat pumps, biomass).
How long are delivery times for the products?
We offer free next day delivery on orders made before 1:00PM within UK mainland. 
It takes 2-3 days to deliver to offshore islands.
Cut-off time for next day delivery is 1pm (excluding weekends, weekdays only). Please note: there may be delays to the usual delivery timescales over the holiday period.
How do I report a damaged in transit heater?
For heaters damaged in transit, please notify us within the first three day. Give us a call or email us with your name and order number
Can you get a custom photo on the picture heaters?
We do not offer this service.
How do I sign up for warranty?
Your warranty is automatic and starts from the day you receive the heater which we have on record. Some heaters come with a 5-year warranty while others come with 2 years. All thermostats have a 2-year warranty as well.