Far Infrared Heater - "Lavender Range" Smart WiFi control or ON/OFF models. Glass Smart infrared heating panels. White. 800-400Watts

Watt: 800W 102x62cm
HEATING CONTROLS:: Built in WiFi Thermostat/Timer
Fittings: Wall Brackets
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Smart Glass Far Infrared Heater with WiFi built-in digital Control or ON/OFF models"Lavender Range" 800 Watts- 400Watts

These popular, sleek glass panels offer low-cost heating and WiFi thermostat/timer control (optional), making these very convenient indeed. The panel heats the things in the room, not the air that quickly cools down again.

The new "Lavender Range" Smart infrared heaters can be connected to the local WiFi network and can then be controlled from anywhere via the "Smart Life" App on your phone. 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.


Coming with a 1. 5-meter cable with a plug, these can just be plugged in and then be monitored by setting the desired temperature that you require, meaning the panel will switch off when the air in the room reaches the selected temperature and click back on to top up the infrared in the things and go off again. 

This comes with all connections and brackets are included too.

A few facts about "Lavender Range" Infrared Heaters
  • "Lavender Range" are used both as primary and secondary types of heating.
  • Using a programmable WiFi thermostat, each consumer can rationally use resources based on his ideas about comfort and economy.
  • They do not require expensive maintenance.
  • "Lavender Range" is made of environmentally friendly materials


Watt size cm kg heating area
400W 58x58x4 5 8m2
400W 102x36x4 5 8m2 220-240V
800W 102x62x4 11 15m2


Positioning is always important for wall panels so do not choose a spot-facing window or a door better to face the panel into the room so the things furniture walls floor etc can all receive and hold the infrared energy (heat) which warms the whole environment.

European Safety Certificates are available.

The manufacturer offers a warranty of 5 years on the heating panel operation and 2 years on the built-in digital thermostat.

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