Built in ThermostatOn/Off switch

The Mirror heater has a high efficiency, due to the special design and properties of the heating element..

The heating element is sealed in the panel itself. It is made of a material with high heat dissipation at low energy consumption.

Infrared Mirror Heater offers sleek stylish looks, combining function (it is a mirror) with an unprecedented level of heating comfort and energy control.

Due to the infrared heating process, the mirrors heat up objects in the room rather than the air. This helps keep bathroom walls and fittings warm, dry and free of mould.

All units are made with Mirrored Safety Glass and manufactured from the highest quality materials under strict quality control and are guaranteed for 5 years.

Mirror heating panels make a stylish, energy-efficient addition to your bathroom, hallway, or to the reception area or lobby of a corporate building, combining sophisticated design with optimum safety, energy efficiency and protection of the fabric of your building.

Home in Guildford
Home in Guildford We have two infrared heaters in our house. We initially bought a mirror panel to 'test' this new technology we stumbled upon. It sounded too good to be true. But I must admit we have been pleasently surprised- we installed it in the dining area. The warmth from it is amazing. It really does feel like the sun! We were having mould and damp issues, due to the area we live in, and the panels have helped reduce that. After seeing its benefit, we bought a plain white panel for the main bedroom. It works so well...
Mirror Heater for the Bathroom.
Mirror Heater for the Bathroom. "I had a heater installed in my small, cold en-suite. What an amazing difference! The bathroom looks much bigger and is now so warm. I call it my "magic mirror". It looks great and is the best thing I've bought in years. Very easy to set timer and quick to install. Excellent value! Highly recommended!"
Home in Southampton
Home in Southampton. "I purchased the large glass mirror infrared heater and we love it. We looked into infrared heaters as I had suffered mould toxicity and was told infrared would help, the mould was in our bedroom hidden behind the bed and we needed to keep our room warmer to stop the mould coming back so an infrared heater would kill two birds with one stone. We are extremely happy with our heater, it looks great and the heat that comes from it is so nice. It feels like having the sun shining on your face. We bought the...
Home in Dunbar, Scotland.
Home in Dunbar, Scotland.  "We bought the Infrared Mirror Heater (800w), and it’s proved to be an excellent purchaseboth in terms of heating and efficiency. As you can see from the photo, we have wooden floors and the way heater works means that it warms that up (rather than the air between them) along with all the furniture in the room, which then in turn radiate heat into the room. We have the mirror connected to a wifi smart plug, which means we can schedule when the mirror turns on in the morning, and when it will automatically turn off. Additionally it...
Home in Plymouth
Home in Plymouth   "I’m a home owner and purchased the items to heat the bottom floor of my two storey house, one in the living room, one in the kitchen-diner. Delivery was extremely fast. The mirror one warms the living room (16 sm) in about 30 mins and that costs about 35p. The white one in the kitchen-diner also the same. It’s great as it warms the body up instead of the air in the room so you can feel The warmth straight away. Extremely fast heating, looks good, space saver, mirror one has a great wall mounting bracket....
Home in London
Home in London    "I have recently moved to a new home and i am in the process of carrying out renovations and improvements. I had solar panels installed and was looking at infrared heating panels. I ordered 7 including a mirror finish one for my bathroom. The wiring has yet to be finished and fully hidden, which is an easy job as they simply plug in. If you can hang a picture you can hang an infrared panel. After a couple of weeks i got used to how the heaters work and they give a lovely heat which feels...