Programmable Room Thermostat with Multi-zone Controller. Remote access from any kind of smart device.

  • £149.00

 Mobile phone multi zone control "HEATO" system with Fully programmable thermostats.


Do you forget to turn-off your heaters in the busy morning rush or, worry that when you get home or to work the building will be chilly.?

Don’t worry any more and have full control over your home office or work place 24 hours a day using your mobile phone as the control platform. 

Similar to the HIVE system, the Heato 7 made in Korea to the highest specifications offers full control direct from your phone, at a fraction of the cost. Why pay more ?

This system is fast and Easy to install with a user-friendly interface for Android and I phone application. Just download the app on your mobile and away you go.

The user can access and control Infra red panels individually in any space across 8 zones using 3G/4G/WiFi connection across the 8 channel smart system

The central Heato Box communicates with your phone wirelessly and then sends a signal wirelessly to the RF thermostats in up to 8 zones independently, allowing you to have different temperatures at different times for maximum convenience comfort and economy putting you in full control. Each room or zone can have a few heaters up to a power of 3.4Kw..

One central "Heato Box" needs to be used in conjunction with as many "Heato" room thermostats, as required for your project.


The thermostats control the heaters telling them when to switch off and when later to switch on, to preserve your chosen temperature.

The Thermostats need to be hardwired in to the heater and to the mains power supply. Each Stat can control a few heaters up to 3.4kw.

See technical info below.


Heato  Room Thermostat
Operating voltage: 230V AC, 50/60 Hz
Relay load: 16A / 3600W
Standby consumption 2W
Display LCD White backlight
External sensor: NTC 10KΩ @ 20°C
IP class: IP 30
Temperature settings: 5°C–80°C, 0.5°C
Accuracy: ± 0.5°C
Program options: 5+1+1, four cycles each day
Housing dimensions: 86 mm × 88 mm × 18 mm
Relay inst. dimensions: Ø 65 mm diameter, standard
Radio frequency: 433 MHz
Channel selection: ID Study function
Heato Box
Operating voltage: 5V
Operating Connector: Micro USB
Radio frequency: 433Mhz
Operating Temperature: 5°C ~ 50°C
Dimensions: Sourface mounted,
78 mm x 98 mm x 28 mm
Color: White
IP protect rating: IP 40