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Infrared Heating for Churches.

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Badcaul Church of Scotland has served the local village for over a century, but recent changes have been made to make the space more versatile for community use. This involved removing rows of pews from the front of the building to free up space for other activities – which created a problem: heating to this area had previously been by electric bar heaters below the now removed pews. With no mains gas available, oil fired central heating expensive to install, and a limited electrical supply to the building, options seemed limited – especially given the size of the building, the height of the ceiling, and little insulation. Then we contacted the Infrared Heater Company with a description of the problem, a sketch of the building, and a plea for help. The response was immediate, detailed and affordable. Very soon after two infrared ceiling panels were soon on their way north. Easily installed by willing volunteers, the heaters proved an instant success. After a short time to pre-heat, they effectively warm the activity space without having to heat the unused areas and roof space. Result: lots of happy exercise groups, social gatherings, craft classes and community lunchers. We are deeply grateful to the Infrared Heater Company. We couldn’t have done it without you.


2020-29-MarStuart SmithBadcaul Church of Scotland

"Having no functioning heating and a broken underground gas pipe caused us to rethink our heating system for our warehouse which houses a 500 seat auditorium.  The previous gas heater for the unit was very uneven in the heat distribution, noisy and unsuitable to use during the service.  After some initial exploration we discovered the possibility of using ‘no light infrared’ units.  Speaking to Dale we discussed our requirements and situation.  Our solution has been Infra red units hung from the roof (about 6m away from the floor) which are silent and have provided us with 3 controllable heating zones, producing even yet tailored temperatures across a building that previously had very clear hot and cold zones!  Despite the units being located at the very edge of their ideal operating distance due to our lighting rig they are capable of heating the building from cold 6/7 degrees to 19 degrees in a couple of hours, which is then very easily maintainable.  The panels themselves were delivered within a couple of days of placing the order and installation was through our local electrician who started on Monday morning and left us a warm building on Thursday evening!   The app based remote control and programming saves worries about arriving early to turn it on or returning to see if someone’s left the heating on.  We are very happy with this innovative solution as the panels are very unobtrusive and operation truly is hassle free!"

2020-22-Jan    Graeme Baldwin   City Praise Center.