Standalone Wi-Fi module

Android and iOS application

Programmable, 4-time cycles per day

16A relay load

Air + NTC floor sensor 3m

LCD display

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BVF Netmostat N-1 is a reliable and fast remote access for any type of electric heating.

It fulfills the strictest quality as well as usage requirements, and can be controlled manually, and with a smartphone application available on any Android or iOS device.

Download and install the Netmostat application from Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.


Hard-wired into the wall and requires a back box (purchased seperately).


Internet speed - with its new built-in Wi-Fi module, internet speed is as fast as lightning. Its server is one of the fastest and most dynamically growing cloud-based service.

User-friendly UI - you can learn how to control the thermostat within minutes, and save up to 20% on your annual heating bills.

Simple new look - when designing the controls of the Netmostat N-1, we left out all unnecessary functions and outdated design elements in order to create a new generation of reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use smart thermostats.

Optimized operating modes (4 cycles) - with nearly 10 years of experience on the market of heating systems, we know that not all systems are the same. The N-1 smart thermostat offers custom settings for floor heating, ceiling heating, infrared panels, and traditional electric convectors.

Industry-grade sensor - although the electric power running through the thermostat also generates heat, its components do not heat up with extensive use; thus all temperature sensors remain perfectly accurate. It also has a special ventilation system which increases longevity to an extreme degree.

ERP Ready (EU standard) - this thermostat has open window detection, perfect profitability, and is in compliance with the strictest requirements of the European Union. Our production line is subject to the most stringent quality control processes.

Please see linked videos on how to program the thermostat: