1st Quarry Bank Scouts

"Being a manager of a small charity I am constantly looking for ways to reduce our costs as well as improve our building and lower its expenses. Just before Christmas we had an unfortunate situation where 2 of our Heaters which heat our main-room broke down. We were looking at a cost of around £4000 for like for like gas heaters. We spoke to a few colleagues for advice and they recommended we look at the offering of the Infrared Heater Company. This was an urgent situation which needed to be rectified due to cold weather and Children being the main users of the hall. 

After browsing the website and calculating the size of our room, we contacted Dale via Email and phone to discuss our requirements. We were initially looking at 8-10x 2500W heaters, looking at spending in excess of £2500. We had very specific requirements due to the room size, the inconsistent usage and the durability of the item. After giving our needs to Dale he recommended an equivalent solution which ended up saving us a large sum of money for 4x 2 Kw IR Ceiling Mounted Heaters and a Programmable thermostat for around £1050 – Including Postage!!. We Received nothing but Amazing service from Dale and his team, the offering we wanted was initially out of stock so we had to wait a little while. This allowed our electrician to make the prep work. As soon as the item was available to ship we were able to place the order and were kept informed at all stages of the dispatch and delivery. The item was fitted easily and mounted to the ceiling without issue. Once the heaters were installed we have had no issues, they work as described and are flawless. A High Quality professional item, which looks sleek and is a minimalist addition to our ceiling space; in turn removing wall heaters we had in the past and the associated risks that come with them (See Pictured). Not only has moving to electric saved us money, using the Infrared Heater Company saved us a lot more money than we were expecting by tailoring the solution to our needs. We would recommend Dale and his team and have had enquiries from members of the public about our heaters which we will continue to pass onto the website. Ted Batham- Group Manager on Behalf of 1st Quarry Bank Scout Group – www.1stqb.org.uk"