Village Hall

"We recently bought 17 of the Far Infrared Industrial Heaters in order to supply and install at a local village hall. Infrared Company was very helpful in letting us know which heaters would be best for the area and size of the job and replied quickly and professionally to our email questions. The heater panels arrived within a few days of order and there were no problems with packaging. One of the panels was missing the chains needed to hang them from the ceiling and Dale very quickly arranged a replacement one to be sent in the post. The instructions were simple and easy to read and the panels were easy to install. We were advised to install Infra-Red Panels as we are a rural location with no access to mains gas and the old system were very inefficient gas heaters which cost a lot to maintain and run, the village hall is now looking at installing solar panels to help reduce the ongoing costs of the electricity. The hall is now warmer and heats up a lot quicker when the thermostats are turned up. The panels look good in the hall, and as they are fitted to the ceiling, cannot pose any health and safety risks to users of the hall. The thermostats we have installed means its easier for users to control the temperature and the panels respond quickly. As they are a source of radiated heat (not convection like normal radiators) they heat up people and objects, not the air and as such we believe they will be more efficient in the long run.

We would definitely recommend these panels to other users and would suggest installing them in homes, offices and village halls like we have. " 

Simon Heppell

Starchelle Communications