Grace Lounge Hot Yoga

"Grace Lounge Hot Yoga has been using infrared heat pads for nearly 3 years. The system I was using before could not be wired up to a device I could activate from my mobile phone and so I had no choice but to find a system that could deliver exactly what I wanted. Performance, heat, elegance and quality. I found the Infrared company and had the commercial heaters *Pro* no glow space heaters fitted in my studio several months ago and I have found the heat more sufficient than my last heat pads. They were easy to install and I can use my mobile to activate the system from anywhere in the world. Our hot yoga students love the new heat pads and I am very pleased with the heat. I would highly recommend the commercial Pro heaters to every hot yoga studio owner, who is looking to enhance their heating system. The delivery was super fast and we received the heat pads the following day. All the fittings were included. I am so happy I decided to use with the infrared company. Dale was also a great help and was on hand to discuss any questions. Dale was an absolute star to do business with and I would highly recommend the infrared company. I have already recommended the company to two other HY companies. The Pro heating system is the way forward for hot yoga studio owners. Grace White"