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Read Our Customers Reviews:

"We have been renovating a house we moved in to and decided to create more wall space in our sitting room by replacing two large radiators with some kind of heating alternative.
After extensive research and a visit to a home building exhibition, we decided to try some infrared panel heaters.
The 3 heaters supplied by Infrared Heaters have proved to be very successful, providing a gentle warmth where and when we want it.
They are small, inconspicuous, and aimed directly where we will be occupying the room, either in the sitting rooms TV viewing or desk zones.
They are flexible too, and can be turned on and off manually as required or controlled by a thermostat.
On demand heating will prove to be much more economical and efficient.
No more waiting for a radiator to heat up the whole room during the forthcoming winter months.
Over time, we will be looking to replace other radiators around the house too."
"I don't have gas so I removed economy 7,  3kw storage heater from bedroom. plunged for 750w picture heater. room is approx. 20m2.  set it to 20 centigrade turned it on at 8pm went to bed at about 10.30pm. i can only say say toasty comfortable heat. the heat is not stuffy as was with the storage heater. now its set for 6am to 8am and then 8pm to 11pm. yes i did feel comfortable all night. its not quiet winter yet but the room felt warm and cosy and  can have heater on a few hours at night as before with economy 7 the room had lost most of its heat by evening. to drop from 3kw to 750w is a massive saving to run for about 5 hours a day. its not radiant heat but the bed covers and walls and carpets seem warm 
the thermostat is a bit fiddly but just have to read the information and take your time. the picture went well on the wall and i hid the cable behind some plastic pipe like a tv on wall and plugged it to a socket. to hang can be a bit fiddly you just need some accurate measurements before you drill the wall.
 now looking to replace the 3 other 3kw heaters in the house. very helpful guy on the phone. so am looking at a saving from 9kw to 3kw with timers and thermostats working to have heat when at home."


"I had fairly old storage heaters in my house and wanted to replace these for a more flexible heating system. I Initially considered gas however the cost of a connection to the nearby gas main was quite high, as well as the cost of a wet system. I then investigated other types of electrical based systems and the most cost effective to run. Information available indicated that infrared was a cost efficient way to heat the house, with the benefit of relatively low purchase costs and no maintenance. The available information also advised health benefits associated with infrared (good as I get older). Initially I invested in a couple of glass panel infrared heaters to see how they worked out. Was pleased with the results so decided to install a complete system. I did some online searches for companies supplying the heaters and the Infrared Heater Company had a great range. The reviews were also encouraging. I decided to have a hard wired system and my electrician, who had not installed these types of heaters, contacted the company and received advice regarding their installation.
My heaters are suspended from the ceiling and are also higher up on some walls as we have a mixture of IR heater types. The advantage is that you do not lose out on wall space associated with conventional radiators either gas or electric. My heaters were installed in spring this year so have not been run for any significant time so far. However the last week or so temperatures have dropped so I have been using them. Brilliant - almost instantaneous heat. I have them thermostatically controlled which means they are not constantly on to provide sufficient heat and as such I expect cost benefits to be gained."


"Previous to purchasing the infrared heaters, I did not have any real heating in my house.  I purchased my house without heating ever being installed in it, it is an older house.  I literally had a gas fire in the living room and a log burning stove in the kitchen.  My hot water is heated by the immersion.  
I decided to add heating but did not want all my floorboards up or the disruption that’s comes with having gas central heating installed.  I did some research and found the infrared company and their heaters.  The heaters are literally screwed to the wall and plugged in - simple.  So cheap and economical to run as well as being super thin and elegant.  I would definitely recommend to anyone these heaters as a better alternative to gas central heating and all the ugly pipe work.  Here are a few pictures of my heaters in the hallway, living room and bedroom including one showing how slimline they are ...
Lisa Soteriou "

"I purchased the large glass mirror infrared heater and we love it. We looked into infrared heaters as I had suffered mould toxicity and was told infrared would help, the mould was in our bedroom hidden behind the bed and we needed to keep our room warmer to stop the mould coming back so an infrared heater would kill two birds with one stone. 
We are extremely happy with our heater, it looks great and the heat that comes from it is so nice. It feels like having the sun shining on your face. We bought the plug in thermostat so we will be able to keep our room at a lovely temperature. We have a radiator but my husband will not let me have it on as it gives him a blocked nose as the heat dries out the air. The infrared heater is not the same, it has the goodness of the sun without the UV. I really recommend them, this company have been great too with very fast delivery and choice of products and design. "
Kind regards
Carol Moreton"
"I have a badly placed gas central heating radiator in my living room which never heats up one end of the room.

 I ordered a picture heater from Infra Red Heaters very informative web site on Aug 31st. It arrived promptly and I had it up and working on my living room wall in about 30mins. I usually set temp to 30 and then adjust it down to 21 as the room heats up, it's a lovely comfortable heat. When the colder weather arrives I'm confident my heater will deal with it.

I have recommended Infra Red Heaters to my family & friends and explained to them the benefits of infrared heat." 

"The Infrared Heating Company is the kind of organisation that has become all too rare in recent years. Professional, responsive and diligent. My heaters arrived promptly well packaged and in good condition. On opening the first box I could see the quality of manufacture of the heaters was of a standard much higher than those I had bought earlier from another supplier. My first impressions were absolutely correct and I continue to be delighted with how easy they are to install and both the look and performance of the four units I purchased. 


My house is a very old village property that has served as the pub, cider mill, tea rooms, village store and post office at different times over its long history. With its thick stone walls and plethora of beams I was concerned at first that this extremely modern technology wouldn’t some how fit in. Those concerns have completely evaporated and I am now enjoying the gentle warmth of my decision.
I am working through the house and will definitely be ordering another batch of panels for the next phase of my project."
Terry Smith


"I had decided to buy some infrared heaters to replace old night storage heater so I checked out your website which I found very helpful . The advice was very clear and I used the infrared room calculator to ensure I picked the right size heater to warm the rooms.

I placed my order for 2 Far Infrared Heater 700w with built in thermostat with Feet rollers, 1 Far Infrared Heater 400w with built in thermostat and 1 Wall mounted Picture heater Leopard.

I ordered them on a Friday and they arrived perfectly packed on the next Monday.

The feet rollers were easy to attach and one heater was intended to be placed on a wall so that it reflected the heat into the room and away from the windows.

Using the built in thermostat control on the “Far” heaters it is easy to set the required room temperature. Although it has not been cold enough to use them much yet each one has been tested and works well.

The picture heater does require and thermostat plug which I purchased separately. I love the picture and it looks so good on the office bedroom wall.

The heaters are neat tidy and Flexible and the ones on rollers can be moved around which is good for cleaning as well.

I am very Impressed and pleased. Thank you

Yours Sincerely

Carol Wilson"




"I had a heater installed in my small, cold en-suite. What an amazing difference! The bathroom looks much bigger and is now so warm. I call it my "magic mirror". It looks great and is the best thing I've bought in years. Very easy to set timer and quick to install. Excellent value! Highly recommended!"


"I was looking for a heating solution for my daughters small cottage. She has no gas supply and previously relied on old night storage heaters. I looked at installing a traditional central heating system but decided, after reading many articles that we should try an infrared system. The main drivers for this decision was; timescale, disruption and installation cost. I was a little skeptical, so ordered two heaters to try them. It was so easy to order, next day delivery and an hour after delivery they were working! I quickly ordered four more and the job was done. She has a lovely warm house, which is a soft, gentle heat which is not drying like many central heating systems. My daughter is incredibly happy, and so far, costs seem to be less than her old system. More importantly, it’s warm when she needs it. Susan"



"Having moved to a village with no gas supply and to a home with really inefficient electric heating we were looking for a better and cheaper way to heat our home. We looked at air source pumps - but so expensive! We looked at oil central heating but then we had to have a big storage tank in our garden - ditto for gas delivered by tankers. I did lots of research and kept coming up with infra red heating as a good option but I was having trouble getting my head round it! Dale was very patient on the phone explaining it to me. Dale then offered for us to try a couple on a sale or return basis if we weren’t happy - but we were! And we went on to heat our whole home with them, with thermostats in every room for complete control. We really like the heat from these heaters. It’s not an ‘exhausting’ heat but our home feels very cosy and early signs show that we will make big financial savings. As a bonus they are very modern looking and unobtrusive! This was definitely the right way forward for us and Dale could not have been more helpful or patient! Kind regards Jennie Horton"

2020-09-MarJennie Horton

"We have heated our house with storage heaters for the last 25 years but when one finally stopped working late last year we realized new storage heaters, besides being very expensive also needed new extra wiring and therefore mess. So we decided to look elsewhere. A complete new radiator central heating system was not an option we wanted, because a boiler needs servicing each year, can break down meaning the whole house is frozen, (not just one room as an electric heater) and the radiators can leak. After some research we decided to replace the large 3.5KW storage heater with two 800 watt glass infra red heaters mounted at an angle above two doors, they just plug into a normal 13 Amp socket. We are delighted they keep our room warmer than the old heater with similar running costs – and that is on day rate electricity not cheap night rate. The heating is very pleasant, rather like warm sunshine, no noise and no vents to dust. The best thing being we can boost the heating easily at any time. They are easy to install and look great, they don’t interfere with the decor and leave floor space free. We also bought a panel heater on wheels which we will be wall mounting to replace another storage heater later in the year. The Infrared company were really helpful and delivery was very fast. We would highly recommend them and will certainly be using them again when we replace our other storage heaters."

2020-09-MarAnne Ekins

"I have recently moved to a new home and i am in the process of carrying out renovations and improvements. I had solar panels installed and was looking at infrared heating panels. I ordered 7 including a mirror finish one for my bathroom. The wiring has yet to be finished and fully hidden, which is an easy job as they simply plug in. If you can hang a picture you can hang an infrared panel. After a couple of weeks i got used to how the heaters work and they give a lovely heat which feels nice on the skin. Because i run my heating panels from solar energy i do not know the normal running costs of them. However Dale was more than helpful when i contacted him and i am sure he will give you all the information you need. Delivery was excellent and very fast."

2020-08-Mar Nick Nicholls

"I’ve just completed my Garden room and used the Infrared Heating Company.  My room is 4.4m x 3m x 2.4m high and is a timber kit construction. I  built it off a concrete slab which has 140mm kingspan insulation in it. The ceiling has 140 wool insulation and the walls has 140mm wool insulation.

I phoned The company and spoke to Dale who was really good at giving me all the information I needed and also recommended the 1100w Thermo Glass absolutely transparent ceiling mounted heater.

I was originally sceptical on whether this heater was big enough to heat the room as it only measures 860mm x 350mm. I decided to go with Dales advice and purchased the 1100w heater along with the programmable room thermostat 701. It arrived quickly and it was easy to wire up.

My worries about it not being big enough disappeared with in an hour of it being wired up and switched on. These heaters are amazing, they heat up my room reasonably quick and the heat always feels comfortable.

Not only does it work effectively and is cheap to run it looks really good. Everyone that comes into the shed comments on how it looks and how comfortable the heat is. I would thoroughly recommend these heaters and the Infrared heating company along with Dale if you are needing Modern cost effective heaters.

Owen J Stewart



"Just wanted to say Thankyou for your help in purchasing the Infrared Heaters 4 x 750 watt panels they all work perfectly and even though I was a bit dubious to begin with had a good feeling about using this system. and the fact you are at the end of the phone to help with any queries its all connected up and running through the thermostat . one thing I would say just to make everyone clear the thermostat doesn't work like a conventional central heating system. you have for daily on and off settings we thought the thermostat would kick the heaters on when it got below the desired temperature it only comes back on when the next programs is set to come on the next time setting ,so unless you over ride the system you may have cold spells whilst you wait for next setting to come on everyone has commented on the type of heat and healthy heat been very impressed and the 5 year warranty is good as well, I cant ever see me using convector heaters again and these are cheaper to run ,will defo come back to you again in the future. Many Thanks Robbie Biggar Scotland"

2020-27-Jan Robbie Gillogley home owner

"After several days of online research I telephoned the Infrared Heating Company with my requirements. We have just refurbished a one bedroom flat on two floors that had old fashioned storage heaters the flat is electric only and I wanted to avoid high heating costs so infrared looked the most likely to suit our needs. I spoke to Dale who confirmed my choices of heater. I bought two 700watt Far infrared heaters with built in thermostat for the lounge/dining area and a 600watt ceiling heater in Thermoglass "MAX" for the bathroom. The lounge heaters simply plug in then adjust the temperature to suit , the ceiling heater I installed myself I had an electrician previously install a fused outlet so it was just a matter of connecting up. The lounge heaters are fantastic we have had them running for a fortnight just in the evenings we have a well insulated flat so running costs are minimal. My wife loves them they dont have vents so no dust build up and they are silent. The bathroom "MAX" heater is hot hot hot! And its wonderful, incredible because it's so small. I wouldn't hesitate using the Infrared Heating Company again ,highly recommended. Many thanks. David Barnes"

2019-05-NovDavid Barnes

"I am writing to relate my experience of your fantastic heaters. We moved into our current property early January 2018 which has no gas supply - is only electric. We had to get rid of outdated and ugly storage heaters which were inefficient - we are retired and need the house to be warm all day during the winter months - by early afternoon the old storage heaters were stone cold. I researched what types of electrical heating are 'out there' and came across your website. I delved into the concept of far infrared heating and decided to place an initial order of one heater to see how it performed. We were very pleased with its performance and went on to order more heaters and have not looked back. They are stylish, very efficient and economical. It feels as if one is sitting in warm sunshine. If we were to move house again and there was gas central heating in place, we would rip it all out and install your heaters. The advantages of far infrared heating are : No gas boiler to maintain or the necessity to have to purchase a new one when the old one needs replacing (very costly) No leaking radiators to worry about No carbon monoxide emissions to worry about Stylish heaters rather than 'clumpy' huge gas radiators No unsightly pipes up and down walls or along skirting boards - you just plug in the heater and that's all there is to it Running costs are greatly reduced - the heaters are very efficient - they warm up very quickly. We have put timers on our heaters so that we wake up to a lovely warm and cosy home during the winter months. Overall .... a fantastic product at a very affordable price. It is also very exciting to see the new products which are shown on your website. it is surely the way forward as a concept in heating both in a commercial and home environment. Well done and thank you Dale for being so helpful on the phone. Kind regards Jan Preston"


Jan Preston home owner

"I have been looking into changing and updating my heating in my own home from gas central heating to electric heating. As an electrical contractor I have many years experience in electrical heating, I started looking into the new more efficient ways of electrical heating. This was not only for myself but as a potential business development that I could expand into. I became aware of the improvements in far infrared heating and all the various options that are now available. The fact that this form of electrical heating allows for lower rated heaters compared to the more traditional electric heaters such as storage heaters and panel/convector heaters. Thus making them potentially cheaper to run, especially when coupled with an efficient room thermostat. This also gives the benefit of giving zonal heating in each room there is a heater, which all electric heaters can achieve but this gives the option of positioning the thermostat in a better location within the room and not integral to the heater. This can be achieved with a boiler type heating system but because of the amount of additional work involved in the pipework installation makes it a very costly option, potentially several thousand pounds more. Most boiler systems only have one thermostat for the whole house because of this. Through my investigations into this type of heating I came across The Infra Red Heater Co. and saw the transparent type heaters. I did as much due diligence as I could on the company and the heater manufacturers and have since bought 4 heaters and installed them in my own home as a trial. The Infra Red Heater Co. were very helpful and delivered in very good time. Even though it is still early days and have only been running these for a few weeks, I am very impressed with their style, efficiency and effectiveness. My initial indications are that they are going to be reasonably cost effective to run, possibly not quite as cheap as gas central heating but more controllable. You need to be open to the fact that they are a very different form of heating and the way they heat compared to the more conventional heaters and their location needs to be in a very different position, i.e up high preferably on the ceiling. Also, it is claimed that this type of heating is supposed to be better for the human body. I have also now installed a few in other properties with good feedback so far. Eventually, I will install another 3 or 4 heaters and totally remove the gas central heating in my own home. On top of this, I will install a solar system that also stores electricity and this will considerably lower my energy bills. With the added bonus of then only using sustainable environmentally friendly energy, electricity. Thus, I will be doing my bit towards lowering my carbon footprint. With the solar installation this will make it a little more costly to install than a gas central heating system but the solar system is for the whole house and not just heating, so the benefits are greater and long term."


"I’m a home owner and purchased the items to heat the bottom floor of my two storey house, one in the living room, one in the kitchen-diner. Delivery was extremely fast. The mirror one warms the living room (16 sm) in about 30 mins and that costs about 35p. The white one in the kitchen-diner also the same. It’s great as it warms the body up instead of the air in the room so you can feel The warmth straight away. Positives: extremely fast heating, looks good, space saver, mirror one has a great wall mounting bracket. Negative: the mirror one could have a white cable, not removable branded sticker on top corner, white one has a rubbish wall mounting bracket- wobbles a lot even though it’s our up properly, would be great if you could put it up vertically as well and not just horizontally. Overall very happy with my decision of going with infrared panels instead of radiators."

2019-12-Nov Fanni Kovari Home owner


"We would like to thank you very much for your advice and help with choosing the correct clear glass Infra-Red Heaters for our flat. In simple terms they are “the best thing since sliced bread”. As per your recommendations the sizes we chose work economically, efficiently and effectively. They are now also very economical since we fitted thermostats to them. This is the one mistake we made and had to rectify, we should have bought the thermostats from the outset; we would encourage anyone considering these units to buy the thermostats. The heat the units give out is second to none in comparison with the free standing electric heaters we used to use and much cheaper to run. As you know we recommended you to friends of ours, who bought a unit and thermostat from you and who are also delighted with their purchase. As you know we bought ours for our flat in Cyprus and we compared your prices with the prices in Cyprus. Those we bought from you and the cost of delivery worked out cheaper than by purchasing directly in Cyprus. The electrician we used found them easy to fit and was very impressed with the quality of the product. In short I would highly recommend them. Thank you for all your help, advice and the very prompt delivery. May I take this opportunity to wish you well in your business and we hope to be able to make further purchases in the very near future? Kind regards Joyce P"

2019-11-Apr  Joyce P

"We now have three infrared panel heaters and have been very pleased with them and once ordered excellent prompt delivery. We generate solar electric and use these when we are exporting to the grid so are run on free electricity. Being low wattage means we can have them in two rooms we use the most, which are also north facing so we get to feel the heat where you wouldn’t normally from the sun.

The third one bought later has a thermostat on which we got for our son’s bedroom so he can control his room temperature. They are easy to install and then just plug in so they soon up and running. They are the best heaters for us that suit our requirements. They are slim wall mounted leaving the floor space clear and out of arm's reach of small children. We like the clean heat free of fumes and silent."


2019-29-Mar   Gillian Bedford



"I am a practising electrician who has been aware of the benefits of far infra-red heating for a few years now, but had not had the opportunity to install more than a stand-alone plug-in FIR heater until a few weeks ago when I had to renovate a rental property which had very old and ropey night storage heaters.

I purchased four “Lux” bar heaters from the Infra Red Heater Company to replace the night storage heaters in the property. Upstairs, we chose 600 W heaters for the bedrooms, and downstairs, we selected 800 W for the kitchen and 1kW for the sitting room. The upstairs heaters and downstairs heaters were supplied as two individual 16 Amp circuits from the consumer unit to a Programmable Room Thermostat (701) where they then split off to their final locations in the individual rooms. Wiring diagram:


I was able to speak directly to the company director, Mr Dale Rose, to confirm that my own calculations for power rating and room size were suitable. Mr Rose was also on hand to give more detailed descriptions of how the heaters were fitted and how they were wired.

The installation of the heaters went without a hitch and the tenants are more than satisfied with the heating comfort levels and quality of the air now in the house. Far infrared heaters are an efficient way to heat a room because energy is not wasted in heating circulating air currents. The efficiency of the heaters in this property has been further increased through of the level of control achieved from the room thermostats. This means the heaters are not constantly on, but can be programmed to come on at pre-programmed times to suit the needs of the user. Once pre-determined levels of heat are achieved, the heaters will switch off until the temperature drops again.

Overall, I have been very impressed by the quality of product and the level of customer support from the Infra Red Heating Company and I would not hesitate to choose their products again or recommend them to another customer."

Rob Thomson 





"We are homeowners in Scotland and have no natural gas supply so rely totally on electric heating. We were introduced to infrared heating panels by a friend and are delighted with them. We have installed these panels in every room of the house. They are all ceiling mounted which allows for furniture positioning wherever we like as we have no intrusive radiators to work around. We have opted for the glass panel ones in all rooms except the bathroom where we have a mirror infrared panel. They all work off thermostats and have proved to be both economical and attractive. We have an old stone built property without cavity walls and these panels are great at ensuring we got no mould growth too. I really do recommend them. I have attached a picture of the ones installed in our kitchen."

2019-05-Mar  Julie Willan  


"I purchased the infrared radiators back in August. Dale was only to helpful with calling me and giving me plenty of advice on the best system / specs to get the most out of them. Having installed them in a Grade 2 apartment with a less than average energy rating , with a lot of exposed brick walls and high ceilings. To my surprise my electric bill has stayed low over the winter , and the radiators really do keep the rooms incredibly warm thanks to the thermostat system that I can control wirelessly through the MY BVF app, selecting room temperatures individually. For the cost of the system compared to the low electric bill was definitely worth the investment over storage heaters or electric radiators. 

 2019-05-Mar  Jason Lingard   sport & exercise science.

"This is a great company to deal with and offers great products too. I specified these heaters for the lounge kitchen area of a prestige new build we are in the final throes of completing. As sometimes happens, I made a mistake when ordering and selected the wrong size for the three heaters in the lounge area ( it is pretty big at about 8 metres by 7 metres and up to 5.2 metres high. I had anticipated we would need three of the 900watt models but mistakenly ordered 3 x 600 watts - it was some weeks before our electrician fitted them and only after he had done so did I realise my mistake. I contacted Dale and (bless him!) he offered to take back the 3 X 600watt heaters and let me just pay the difference for the larger models. I was so impressed by the smaller heaters that we decided to use them in a second house for smaller rooms - they're great! We ordered Three more 900watt items and they are more than coping with the big room (it is super-insulated and triple glazed) maintaining a comfortable temperature even in the winter freeze. The white heaters are a great talking point as nobody suspects they are in fact heaters. The black glass ones are very sharp looking hung portrait style to avoid people asking "why is there a TV there?" They are really very good products. Dale and Co are honest, helpful and a pleasure to deal with - thank you very much. Geoff R"

  2019-05-Mar  Geoff Redstone  Redstone Designed

"We purchased our heaters over a couple of months last autumn so that we could test them out. I had researched these for a couple of years after making the decision to stop using gas. We all know that electricity costs are higher than gas but for us it was a look at the future that persuaded us. Fossil fuels of any kind are contentious and the recent announcements regarding the pollution from gas central heating boilers was always on the cards. So, we now use 100% green energy from renewable sources which is generally still at a premium rate but.... thanks to Dale and his team and some sadly under utilised technology, we now have a very warm green house (not the sort you grow tomatoes in obviously). Anyway, we have installed the Glassar range all around the house. For now, until it's time to decorate we have used simple individual remotes on all the heaters. Our intention was to hard wire everything with recessed cables but to be honest, our little battery powered remotes work so well and as things stand, if we want to change our room around, we just have to lift them off and move them to where we want to place them. The downside, a trailing cable on two of the heaters. No trying to paper behind radiators, no maintenance to pay's great. And , with the Glassar range they are virtually stay clean appliances. A wipe with a soft cloth a couple of times a year is all they need. There is less dust in the house and it's quieter too with no noisy boilers gurgling in the background. Every room is set to its own specific temperature so the bedrooms for example are a little cooler for sleeping in but if we do want it a little warmer you just have to reach your hand out, pick up the remote, press up and you're done. I know there are other systems that do things like that but I priced some of those up in comparison and they would have cost between five and ten times more if you're installing from scratch. As for electricity usage I can only compare with the last two years that we have been all electric but I believe we will be saving between 25 - 35 percent in kilowatts used. What's not to like?!!"

2019-21-Mar  Jayne Barlow

When I moved into my flat a year ago, I was looking around for heating that did not heat up rooms in a stuffy. way. The conventional heating of air tended to give me a bit of a headache. I looked around and thought I would give infrared heating. I did not know anyone who used infrared heating in their homes so it was a jump into the unknown. I bought 4 Far Infrared Heating Panel White 600w to replace the storage heaters in my flat which I had to move into. I'm not a DIY person at all so had a builder instal them in my ceiling. As I have a loft it was easy for them to do this and no unsightly wires hang from them as you can see. I had white panels installed in the ceiling and waited for winter. I was very pleased with the result. The warmth the panels emitted were a gentle, cosy warmth and did not scald my head as some of my friends had threatened! In fact, they loved the subtlety of the heating. Depending on hold cold it is, the heating is pretty instantaneous and within 10-15 mins my flat all warmed up. I usually switch them off when I feel the rooms have heated up to up to around 24C as I don't like to have too warm a flat. The panels also looked slick and modern and fitted unobtrusively well with my decor. Thanks! They are lovely!!" Hai Ching Lim

2019-27-MarHai Ching Lim

"A friend recommended I look at infrared tiles when I was having difficulty finding a heating solution for my newly opened yoga studio in Hackney. They were easy to install and have been a lifesaver over the cold months. From the Infrared Heater Company, they are great value! Not too pricey to buy and incredibly energy efficient once installed. They give a really nice heat - not dry like a air heater, which is perfect for a room that is being used for deep breathing! One of the great advantages is that they are really inconspicuous. In a yoga studio you don't want any visual distractions and so the tiles sleek design work perfectly, camouflaged against the white walls. I started off cautiously, buying just one, but I now have 4! I am also thinking about getting them for my other vintage clothing business as well. I hadn't heard of infrared heating before but I'm definitely recommending it to all my friends! I am a very happy customer! Please see attached a few photos of the heaters in my Yoga studio. All the best, Hannah Turner Voakes Director Paper Dress Limited"

2019-12-Mar Hannah Turner Voakes  Director Paper Dress Limited  

"I installed these heaters a year ago after a year and a half of research. I had never met anyone who had them, so it was a leap of faith, but Dale and the boys guided me through the choices and designs that would match what I needed. I have a very old cottage so aesthetically, heating is important. I live in the Shetland Islands where our weather can change from snow to sunshine and back again in an hour, so controllability was essential. Storage heaters that took a day to build up heat are the bane of our lives! I fitted out the whole house for the price of two new storage heaters, and have never regretted it. Visitors to my house all immediately ask what heating I have, as it’s so discreet, and the heat feels ‘ different’ . Barely use my inhalers now, which was always a problem before with heaters kicking out dust, particularly in lesser used rooms. I will never go back to any other form of heating. My bills have reduced, I’m healthier, my house is as warm or cool as I want it. That annoying draught on the stairs from rising warm air and cooling fall air has been obliterated. Worth it for that alone....."

  2019-06-Mar   Gillian Ramsay

"I purchased 4 x Far White Infrared Heater with build in digital Thermostat. Metal infrared heating panels for our garage conversion last year. They ranged from 400w to 1000w. The service received from the team was exceptional. As it was a new product to me and relatively new to the market, I had numerous questions about how they worked, how they could be installed, the capacities, how they needed to be fitted and much more! The team were happy to answer my questions over the phone or via repeated emails. Also, given the number of items that I ordered, they offered me a discount as well. In advance of this larger order, I had trialled a roll up wall heater, as proof of the technology. Since purchase, the panel heaters have been installed by our builder who was doing the refurbishments and worked very effectively. They are also very discrete and we have been very happy with them and would not hesitate to recommend the product and the company."

2019-18-Mar Sanjay Mazumder

"I bought one of these for my bathroom and it was so good that i bought some for my nephew's whole house. They've been in for two years now and they provide a very comfortable heat, when used with individual room stats they can be accurately controlled for different temperatures in different rooms and at different times of day/night. One of heaters just stopped working and Dale and his team were so good to deal with. One advantage of this heating is that if one heater stops working, the rest of the house stays warm (when the gas boiler broke down, we had to wait 3 days in the cold for an engineer). Although the heating bill is more expensive than gas, it's not much more, and there's no gas standing charge to pay, no gas boiler servicing to pay or wait in for the engineer, and no gas leaks to ever worry about. Would highly recommend the ceiling mounted heaters. Thanks."

   2018-18-Mar   Lee

"Completed my Bungalow renovation April 17 . Having removed all expensive Gas applications fitted solar panels after research sourced 9 various infrared heaters from Dale . Set them up on two separate thermostats separating front from rear of property. End result is fantastic very cost effective and controllable and no Gas bill . Would Certainly recommend these heaters also good helpful assistance and service from Dale at"


"Super warming heater that belts out a lot of heat.Very light, easy to hang, plug in and instant heat.Very's miles better than the central heating.wish it came with solar panel and wind no more using gas, much better for the world.a very well worth getting product, you will not be disappointed with this.great value and reduced heating bills.Very happy, thank you"

2017-15-Aug RachelI SLE OF LEWIS

"My wife and I live in a over 55s Retirement Flat that we recently bought and we decided to get rid of the existing storage heaters.

Such buildings have no gas for safety reasons. Before we started the renovation of our flat, we had been shopping around and pondering and balancing cost effectiveness, practicality and warmth, as for my wife, she likes to have all round very warm rooms.

On my search, I came across IR heaters and chose to call Dale to have more information about it. Dale treated me with the respect everyone expects. He didn’t try to push it or try any selling gimmicks to impress me. I had nothing short than honest, excellent customer service and care provided by Dale since day one of my phone purchase. We all know how vulnerable one can feel buying a “new” product and the perspective of making the wrong investment on an important item. I ordered them and they arrived by courier at the time they were expected.

The installation was amazingly as simple as to instal a mirror on the wall or a bed side lamp. The effect is close to immediate as heating was generated instantly. We have total peace of mind having no worries of gas leaks or water pipes for heating. We can now control the temperature of our home and control our energy bills more efficiently. I programme them, but override them to provide more heat if I wish to use a room earlier. I like to adjust the temperatures gradually as I need it. Also, when we go away for weekends or holidays we just adjust them to leave our flat with the right temperature. I have them installed on my white painted walls and although they are very inconspicuous, people who come to visit us are always amazed for their looks and sleekness. Well, we are extremely happy with our choice.

We are constantly recommending them to one and all. Thank you very, very much."

2019-01-Apr  Renato Tavares