Infrared Heater - IP55 "Amaryllis Range" 2000W. White or Black.

Color: White
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Stands for "Amaryllis Range" Heaters. Free-standing use.

Stands for "Amaryllis Range" Heaters. Free-standing use.

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The powerful infrared heater has a top-grade infrared gold tube that reliably delivers maximal warmth in all spaces. Due to its open construction (without glass cover), Heater IP55 reaches a very high service life of up to 7,000 hours. The ULTRA LOW GLARE tubes installed in the radiant heaters have red light content reduced by up to 70% compared to conventional models and thus offer an eye-friendly ambience. 


Infrared heaters come with full instructions and fittings for safe installation.

The heater must be mounted in a well-ventilated area.

  • There must be a 0.25m clearing between the heater and ceilings/roofs.
  • There must be a 0.5m clearing between the heater and adjacent walls/fabrics.
  • There must be at least a 1.8m clearing between the bottom edge of the heater and the floor.

The mounting brackets make hanging your golden heater on an exterior wall simple. These brackets also include a hinge mechanism, allowing you to position your heater perfectly. If you prefer, mobile heater stands are also available. The lightweight design of our heaters makes it easy to fit them on their stands.

Best to Use:

  1. Factories 2. Exterior sections of houses such as balconies and gardens 3. Entertainment venues such as cafes, bars, etc. 4. Workshops 5. Ambar-Warehouses 6. Fairgrounds 7. Service Stations 8. Gyms 9. Pray rooms and others. 10. Restaurants and eateries 11. Stadiums 12. Stores and shopping malls.

They are built to last.

Our golden infrared heaters are built to withstand the elements. Their durable anodised aluminium body is corrosion-resistant. 

Our infrared heaters have a two-year warranty. They are in stock and ready for dispatch. Order online today for fast and free UK delivery.

Two years warranty

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