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PLEASE CALL ON +44 01204588454. email:

Heliosa 9 Infrared Heater 2000W. Commercial, Patio, indoor or outdoor use.


Heliosa 9 redefines the capabilities of shortwave infrared heaters. This elegant, sleek infrared heater features a revolutionary light reduction diffuser made of glass. The warming shortwave infrared passes straight through the filter, yet nearly all of the light output is removed.

The result is a radiant heater with all the proven benefits of shortwave infrared - instant warmth, energy-efficiency, and low running costs - but with almost non of the light output and glare associated with Short wave glow heaters. No other shortwave infrared heaters come close to Heliosa 9 in terms of subtle light output and technical performance. This is as near as you can get to shortwave infrared heat without light and the usual glare.

Heliosa 9 can be used indoors or out and will grace any setting where appearance and performance are paramount.

Replacement element: SP990504

• Glass diffuser/filter removes over 95% of light.
• IPX5 rating (weatherproof) for outdoor use.
• Tilt and swivel mounting bracket.
• Replaceable element

Rec. mounting height: 2.2-2.8m.
Rec. mounting angle: 45°.
Throw: 4.0-5.0m.
Spread 5.0m.
Distance between appliances: 2.7-3.0m.
Electrical supply: 220-240V ac 50/60 Hz single phase.
Power consumption: 2.0kW.
Insulation: Class 1.
Enclosure: Aluminium, powder-coated gunmetal grey, with aluminum reflector.
Environmental protection: IPX5 (splash-proof).
Long-life element: 5000 hours (about 2 years).
Colour: Cast iron grey (RAL7015).
Dimensions: 46.5 x 19.5 x 12cm .
Weight: 2.73kg.
Cable: 5m silicone insulator heat resistant to 180°C.

Heavy duty tilt & swivel wall bracket included.

Made in Italy