Infrared Heater Light Reduction Diffuser. 4 Power Levels. "Amaryllis Range Glass IR"" Waterproof IP67.

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Stands for "Amaryllis Range" Heaters. Free-standing use.

Stands for "Amaryllis Range" Heaters. Free-standing use.

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"Amaryllis Range Glass IR" is high-intensity heating with Golden IR Technology.  This elegant, sleek infrared heater features a revolutionary glass light reduction diffuser. The warming shortwave infrared passes through the filter, yet nearly all the light output is removed.

The result is a radiant heater with all the proven benefits of shortwave infrared - instant warmth, energy-efficiency, and low running costs - but with almost none of the light output and glare associated with Short wave glow heaters. No other shortwave infrared heaters come close to "Amaryllis Range Glass IR" regarding subtle light output and technical performance. This is as near as possible to shortwave infrared heat without light and the usual glare.

"Amaryllis Range Glass IR" IP67 can be used indoors or outdoors and grace any setting where appearance and performance are paramount.

Remote control module with 4 different power levels.

Digital display with power level indicator

• Glass diffuser/filter removes over 95% of light.
• IP67 rating (weatherproof) for outdoor use.
• Replaceable element

Rec. mounting height: 1.3m-2.8m. 
Wall or Ceiling
Throw: 4.0-5.0m.
Spread 5.0m.
Distance between appliances: 2.7-3.0m.
Electrical supply: 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz single phase.
Power consumption: 2.0kW.
Insulation: UK plug
Enclosure: Aluminium, powder-coated gunmetal grey, with aluminium reflector.
Environmental protection: IP67
Long-life element: 7000 hours (about two years).
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 53 x 15 x 8cm .
Weight: 2.73kg.
Cable:  3m power Cord with UK plug

Warranty 2 years. 

Heavy-duty wall bracket included. reviews