Far Infrared Heating

+ Expected energy savings with thermostats in well insulated rooms
+ Objects and surfaces store the heat
+ Produces comfortable radiant heat with no glow

Short Infrared Heating

+ Instant spot-heating
+ Suitable for poorly insulated rooms
+ IP67 heater suitable for outdoor/sem-ioutdoor spaces
+ Optional light reduction

Elite Renewables

... I recommended the use of infra-red heaters as I had used them before on other projects and they are always remarkably effective. We installed 9 heaters to cover the 40 metre long area, mounted about 3 metres above floor level to produce enough span and in spite of the initial doubts and reservations by the members, within a day or so the feedback was incredibly positive mixed with some amazement as to the effectiveness of the solution ...

Far Infrared Industrial Heaters. Commercial Heaters "PRO" No Glow Space Heaters. Heating area up to 80m2-UK Infrared Heating Company

EP Gym

At EP Gym we have been using your Infrared heaters for over two years now, we didn't expect it to make as much difference as they have. We initially looked into being because we aren't on the mains gas supply so we tried little gas heaters which turned out to be very noisy & a health risk to our members. Eventually we decided to try these infrared heaters and well the feedback was great ...

Martial Arts and Fitness Academy

We run a martial arts and fitness academy and when we first started leasing the industrial unit we used electric heaters but they were so expensive to run and the benefit was not great. We then installed a gas heater which was very costly after some research we decided that infared heaters might be the way to go. Once they were fitted we instantly felt the benefits and the monthly cost on our gas bill went down dramatically ...