Yoga & Gym Testimonials

Wellness Space - Yoga Studio

As a yoga studio we wanted to start offering hot yoga classes. Our radiators weren't powerful enough to heat our space and we didn't want to use heaters that blew the air out. In the end, we bought 6 700W InfraRed Heaters for Armstrong Suspended Ceiling and they work great. We also bought the Central Control Box and Multi-zone Controller which means the heating can be turned on remotely before the teacher leaves their house to heat to the studio so it's ready for when they arrive. Being able to control this heating system from our phones is also great for when we forget to turn the heating off: there is no need to drive back to the studio - just control it from your smartphone. For a yoga class it also gives off a really nice dry and evenly distributed heat. We've had great service with this company and no issues with any of our products so I'd recommend them to anyone.

Waterford Hatha Yoga Shala

We are absolutely thrilled with the new Infrared Heaters installed in our Yoga Studio. Our premises is an old building with very poor insulation, I heard some of the yoga studios in Ireland are using infrared heaters and they are great. I have been searching online to see the best cost effective and of course affordable price for one of those until I came across the Infrared Heater company. I was sceptical to order one of those at the beginning but THANKS Dale at The Infrared heater company he was super friendly on the phone and advised me to use the Ceiling Mounted Panel Heaters (Far Infrared Industrial Heaters. Commercial Heaters "PRO" No Glow Space Heaters), he went through the product with me patiently and to make sure the product that matches our needs exactly. He advised me to angle the heater at 45 degree as you can see from the picture our ceiling in the studio is low so mounting on the wall would be the safest and most efficient way to maximize the heat transfer to the room. I couldn’t believe the customer service was extremely great, with speedy delivery as well. My students and teachers can feel the different already since the infrared heaters have been put up. The studio is nice, cosy and warm with the comfort level which has been a great solution for the cold premises as the infrared heaters are very efficient way to distribute the heat which is great in the winter months. They are very easy to maintain and cost effective which is exactly what we were looking for. I have recently recommended the infrared company to my neighboring yoga studio about the products available from the Infrared Heater Company.

Waterford Hatha Yoga Shala ( Ireland) Flora

Bristol South Aikido Dojo

Bristol South Aikido Dojo is a venue that provides martial arts training to students who vary in age from 5 years old to 75 years old. Our premises are rented and come with no heating source. In our first winter in our new home we found that without heating our premises were just too cold. This had a detrimental effect upon our classes and also affected attendance. Students did not want to come and freeze while training and class sizes and revenue dropped. As a result we decided that we needed to install some form of heating. Our training is a physical activity so we were looking for a form of heating that would generate an ambient temperature for our activities. Not too hot but not too cold. Also we were keen to avoid some of the issues with traditional heating such as fire risk, fumes from gas fires and of course high running costs. The Infrared system sounded ideal for our purposes and most of all sounded economical to run. After deliberations we selected Far Infrared Heaters ""LUX"", Infrared heating panels which we would hang from our ceilings at a height that would not impact our weapons training. We chose the most powerful ones available and purchased 3 although this was a little under the recommended number for the size of the room. The ordering process was very simple and our delivery arrived within a few days. An electrician was needed to help with fitting them which was not simple given that we do have high ceilings in our premises but in half a day they were in place. Winter is now completed. Overall I am pleased with the results. The room does not get hot but there is a warmth that students can feel. It makes our dojo much more welcoming and we have seen that students continue to attend classes. We more than cover running costs with extra attendance and the initial outlay should be recovered within the first year. Based on the success of my 1st order I purchased a further heater for a smaller room and that is even better that the original set.

Regards Daren Sims - Bristol South Aikido Dojo

Heaters for Dance Studio

We are absolutely thrilled with the new Infra RED HEATERS installed in our Dance Studio. We have struggled for years with our 6 x 3kw fan heaters never really reaching the corners of the studio where the children and elderly members are exercising . The serious cold winters have been a struggle to keep the occupants warm by just air heat , especially at floor level . Our timber roomed Studio looses heat as fast as we put it in . Everything has now changed with a comfort level never before experienced . We have saved a “fortune” in swapping 18kw for 5.2kw , and we now feel the true benefit of direct-to-body heat especially when wearing nominal exercise clothing and lying down in Yoga sessions . We cannot emphasise more the savings and comfort that we now enjoy .
Thanks Infra Red Company for the help and advice in choosing our system layout and sizing

Tony Nicklin
The Warminster Athenaeum Trust

1st Quarry Bank Scouts

Being a manager of a small charity I am constantly looking for ways to reduce our costs as well as improve our building and lower its expenses. Just before Christmas we had an unfortunate situation where 2 of our Heaters which heat our main-room broke down. We were looking at a cost of around £4000 for like for like gas heaters. We spoke to a few colleagues for advice and they recommended we look at the offering of the Infrared Heater Company. This was an urgent situation which needed to be rectified due to cold weather and Children being the main users of the hall. After browsing the website and calculating the size of our room, we contacted Dale via Email and phone to discuss our requirements. We were initially looking at 8-10x 2500W heaters, looking at spending in excess of £2500. We had very specific requirements due to the room size, the inconsistent usage and the durability of the item. After giving our needs to Dale he recommended an equivalent solution which ended up saving us a large sum of money for 4x 2 Kw IR Ceiling Mounted Heaters and a Programmable thermostat for around £1050 – Including Postage!!. We Received nothing but Amazing service from Dale and his team, the offering we wanted was initially out of stock so we had to wait a little while. This allowed our electrician to make the prep work. As soon as the item was available to ship we were able to place the order and were kept informed at all stages of the dispatch and delivery. The item was fitted easily and mounted to the ceiling without issue. Once the heaters were installed we have had no issues, they work as described and are flawless. A High Quality professional item, which looks sleek and is a minimalist addition to our ceiling space; in turn removing wall heaters we had in the past and the associated risks that come with them (See Pictured). Not only has moving to electric saved us money, using the Infrared Heater Company saved us a lot more money than we were expecting by tailoring the solution to our needs. We would recommend Dale and his team and have had enquiries from members of the public about our heaters which we will continue to pass onto the website.

Ted Batham- Group Manager on Behalf of 1st Quarry Bank Scout Group

Dance Studio in Newton Abbot

I had never been able to adequately heat the whole studio and was looking for a low cost heating solution. I looked into infrared and they seemed the best option. When I contacted the INFRARED Heater Company they were very helpful and advised me what would work best for my space.
I bought the infrared heaters for my large dance studios and they were delivered very quickly. I had never used infrared before. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of heat they give off. We have found our heating bills have halved!
Our heaters are on the ceiling and therefore safe from little fingers and no worries about children touching and burning themselves on a heater. Each heater covers a large area and is a perfect heat for dancing and exercising with. Its easy to turn on and off but I'm still trying to get to grips with the settings of the thermostat. However, if it gets too hot we can turn it down very easily.
I will definitely be buying more infrared heaters for the other studios and would recommend them to anyone who has a large space to heat :)

Elite Renewables

My client had been told for a long time that there was no effective heating solution for his gym that was located beneath a concrete rugby stand as it was not a proper building and there were lots of gaps between the concrete slabs that let in outside air. His only solution had been mobile LPG heaters which were very expensive to operate, bad for the carbon footprint and gave off fumes as well as being very localised heat which was unpleasant for the gym users. I recommended the use of infra-red heaters as I had used them before on other projects and they are always remarkably effective. We installed 9 heaters to cover the 40 metre long area, mounted about 3 metres above floor level to produce enough span and in spite of the initial doubts and reservations by the members, within a day or so the feedback was incredibly positive mixed with some amazement as to the effectiveness of the solution. The heaters manage to warm the space to a comfortable level without causing hot spots which would make working-out quite unpleasant. All in all, infra-red heaters have produced the perfect solution at a reasonable cost so I would, without doubt, continue to promote their use.

Martyn Fowler
Elite Renewables Director

EP Gym

At EP Gym we have been using your Infrared heaters for over two years now, we didn't expect it to make as much difference as they have. We initially looked into being because we aren't on the mains gas supply so we tried little gas heaters which turned out to be very noisy & a health risk to our members. Eventually we decided to try these infrared heaters and well the feedback was great. As you can see from the picture we have hung them from the ceiling in various parts of the gym which creates a very efficient distribution of heat which is great in the winters months. As a whole they have been very easy to maintain & cost effective which is exactly what we were looking for.

Heaters for Theatre

I just wanted to send a quick email to tell you how UTTERLY THRILLED I am with the 2000w industrial heaters I purchased from you recently!
Customer service has been great, delivery was fast but most of all the product does what it says on the tin, for the first time in over 18 months my theatre is warm! My theatre is an old, cold and badly insulated building, it’s also massive and finding a way to heat it has been a nightmare.
We tried fan heaters, oil radiators and even fuel burning portable heaters and none of them worked, just 20 minutes after installing your heaters we were all warm, INFACT, for the first time ever we got so warm we had to turn them off and open windows!
We ordered 10 2000w heaters as we don’t have 3phase energy and just 5 of them in one part of the space has kept us toasty warm, we are fitting the others throughout the building.
I honestly can’t quantify how much this means to me and the impact it’s going to make on my business, I had people walking in last night and saying ‘oh it’s nice and warm in here’ that’s never happened as usually it’s colder in my space than it is outside.
I can’t recommend your company highly enough and will be getting more in the future I’m sure of that, if this review makes it to the website and any potential customers are considering buying them, DO IT, they are worth every penny!

Thanks again
Jay Smith - The Stage Y Llwyfan, Neath, South Wales

Martial Arts and Fitness Academy

We run a martial arts and fitness academy and when we first started leasing the industrial unit we used electric heaters but they were so expensive to run and the benefit was not great. We then installed a gas heater which was very costly after some research we decided that infared heaters might be the way to go. Once they were fitted we instantly felt the benefits and the monthly cost on our gas bill went down dramatically. The customer service we received was brilliant when asking for advice on which product we should choose. We will be looking at installing more panel heaters in other areas of the unit as we expand and renovate.