Infrared Heater Picture with built in Thermostat "PRIMROSE RANGE" 600W (Metal)

Heating Controls: built in digital thermostat
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 Infrared Heater Picture with built-in Thermostat 600W


Infrared Picture Heater offers sleek stylish looks, combining function (it is a picture) with an unprecedented level of heating comfort and energy control.

Due to the infrared heating process, the picture-heater heat up objects in the room rather than the air. This helps keep room walls and fittings warm, dry, and free of mold.

All units are manufactured from the highest quality materials under strict quality control and are guaranteed for 5 years.

These heating panels make a stylish, energy-efficient addition to your room, office, or to the reception area or lobby of a corporate building, combining sophisticated design with optimum safety, energy efficiency, and protection of the fabric of your building.

Watts Panel size cm  Heated area Volt
600 W 95 x 56 x 4 cm 10 - 12 m2 240V



Coming with a 1.5-meter cable with a plug, these can just be plugged in and then can be monitored by setting the desired temperature that you require, meaning the panel will switch off when the air in the room reaches the selected temperature and click back on to the top up the infrared in the things and go off again. 

Positioning is always important for wall panels so do not choose a spot facing windows or a door better to face the panel into the room so the things furniture walls and floor etc can all receive and hold the infrared energy (heat) which warms the whole environment.

Surface temperature controllable - 70 to 90 degrees C.

European Safety Certificate and TUV are available.

 5 years warranty.

UK plug.


Please watch the linked video on how to program the thermostat