Shops & Cafes Testimonials

Cafe "Twist" in Plymouth

In our first winter open we were looking for a cost-effective way to keep our cafe cosy. We have no gas in the building, so needed an electrical option, and time was of the essence. We're so pleased we came across The Infrared Heater Company. They provided a professional, thorough and personal service. They chatted through all our requirements and really got an understanding for what we needed. The heaters arrived quickly and we were toasty warm before we knew it! We have 2 x 1300W heaters to heat the downstairs space, which is approximately 90 metres square. The heaters are located over the customer seating area and blend in with the surroundings well. Upstairs was slightly more complicated - the ceilings are high and the building is very badly insulated. We went with 2 x 2000W industrial heaters. They work fantastically in the space. We've kept our customers warm through a cold winter, and the increase in our electric bill was nowhere near what we feared. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Infrared Heater Company.

Heaters for the Shop

We are situated in a very old pre 1900 Co-op building, there is no gas supply. Previously we struggled to heat the space using plug in electric heaters and oil filled radiators, these were unsafe for small children not to mention the huge electricity bills. In October 2016 I came across the infrared heating company while researching on the internet (probably wearing gloves and a scarf) I spoke with them at length on the phone for advice on my unique situation. The help I received was second to none, I am hoping to install more heaters in the future.

The building is enormous so we just bought what we could back in 2016. The heaters we have are 8x1300w Lux heaters and 2x 2000w commercial heaters. Being ceiling mounted takes away any risk of children burning them selves while dancing. We have them in most rooms attached to a room thermostat. We have found them extremely reliable and economical. I would recommend to anyone with any size property. We use them in small spaces as well as the vast space of the dance studios. Would recommend the company and the products I haven’t found better value anywhere.

Castlebay Bar on the Island of Barra

When I completely renovated the Castlebay Bar on the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, I needed a new smart heating system which would be effective as well as cost-efficient. I did some research on the internet and found the Infrared Heater Company. After a discussion with Dale, I ordered 3 Thermoglass ceiling panels (1300 watt) which are completely see-through, plus programmable thermostat. They were delivered promptly and were soon installed. They work brilliantly and we have received many compliments from our clientele. Barra can be cold when the wind is blowing and our Bar is now a warm refuge from the weather outside! People have also commented favourably on the attractive appearance of the plain glass panels. The photo only shows one of the panels - it is impossible to get a shot showing all 3.

Terry Mackay, owner