Gym Heating

   "My client had been told for a long time that there was no effective heating solution for his gym that was located beneath a concrete rugby stand as it was not a proper building and there were lots of gaps between the concrete slabs that let in outside air. His only solution had been mobile LPG heaters which were very expensive to operate, bad for the carbon footprint and gave off fumes as well as being very localised heat which was unpleasant for the gym users. I recommended the use of infra-red heaters as I had used them before on other projects and they are always remarkably effective. We installed 9 heaters to cover the 40 metre long area, mounted about 3 metres above floor level to produce enough span and in spite of the initial doubts and reservations by the members, within a day or so the feedback was incredibly positive mixed with some amazement as to the effectiveness of the solution. The heaters manage to warm the space to a comfortable level without causing hot spots which would make working-out quite unpleasant. All in all, infra-red heaters have produced the perfect solution at a reasonable cost so I would, without doubt, continue to promote their use"