Home in High Wycombe

Having tried several heating methods, storage heaters, convection heaters, panel heaters nothing seemed to produce the heat we wanted as economically as the infrared heaters. We did our homework and decided to buy four to try them out as the company offered a discount if you purchased four. We are glad we did especially with the 54% rise in energy costs due in April.

The heat is exactly like the warmth from the sun and it warms up the surrounding objects as well. We especially like how controllable it is. You can programme it for set times but we just use the temperature dial to regulate it. We turn it down before bed so it only comes on if it’s really cold just to take the edge off.

We are so pleased with the results that we are looking to get them installed in the rest of the house. We haven’t had our latest quarterly bill yet so we have yet to compare but we are confident it’s going to be significantly lower than last years winter period.

They are very easy to install and my son is an electrician so he installed them for free. Bonus. The company was very easy to deal with and helped us when we had a bit of a problem working out the thermostat controls. They have videos that talk you through the procedures but are on hand to help at any time.

We purchased the Thermo glass max white ceiling panels 1200W x 2 , 900W and a 700W. They have a calculator which you just put in the room dimensions and it tells you what you would need. The experience was very easy and straightforward.