Far Infrared Heater - Ceiling mountable Metal Infrared Heating Panels White "LOTUS RANGE". Heating element: Nanocrystalline. 800W, 500W, 400W

Watt: 350W, 80x40cm
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Far Infrared Metal Heating Panel White. "LOTUS RANGE"

Ceiling mountable. 350W, 400W, 450W, 500W, 800W

Surface temperature - 120 degrees C.

Slimline 50mm gap from the ceiling. Mounted on Heavy-duty screws (included)

European Safety Certificate and TUV are available.

5 Years gold insurance (new replacement) warranty.

Nanocrystalline is a super-slim heating element used in these panels 

Nanocrystalline does not corrode

Features: high durability and a life span of up to 30 years. 

Efficiency as high as 99% is achieved due to increased heat dissipation area and minimized heat loss. 

The max operating temperature is reached in 30 sec.

The mode of operation of the Nanocrystalline heating element guarantees quiet functioning and silent heating up and cooling down. All components are manufactured of high-tension steel and covered with special powder paint, which is durable and stands at high temperatures. 

These popular, sleek, white gloss panels offer stylish, low-cost heating. The panel heats the things in the room, warming the air. If just the air is heated, that quickly cools down again.

It stores the heat in the floor, walls and furniture, etc., which warms the whole environment from 360 deg. Another advantage is that the heat in the room is equalized, unlike the convection heaters that may find 25 degrees C at the ceiling but 15 degrees creating the cold feet problem. Infrared holds the heat down in the living area.

power     weight       size                   area                    voltage

800W      11kg         595 x 1195 x 14mm     16m2       220 - 240v

500W       8kg          500 x 1000 x 14mm     14m2       220 -  240v

500W       8kg          400 x 1200 x 14mm     14m2       220  - 240v

450W       6.5kg       400 x 1000 x 14mm      10m2      220 -240V

350W       5.1kg       400 x 800 x 14mm        8m2        220-240V

400W       5.8kg       595 x 595 x 14mm        8m2        220-240V

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