Home in Folkestone, Kent.

"After several days of online research I telephoned the Infrared Heating Company with my requirements. We have just refurbished a one bedroom flat on two floors that had old fashioned storage heaters the flat is electric only and I wanted to avoid high heating costs so infrared looked the most likely to suit our needs. I spoke to Dale who confirmed my choices of heater. I bought two 700watt Far infrared heaters with built in thermostat for the lounge/dining area and a 600watt ceiling heater in Thermoglass "MAX" for the bathroom. The lounge heaters simply plug in then adjust the temperature to suit , the ceiling heater I installed myself I had an electrician previously install a fused outlet so it was just a matter of connecting up. The lounge heaters are fantastic we have had them running for a fortnight just in the evenings we have a well insulated flat so running costs are minimal. My wife loves them they dont have vents so no dust build up and they are silent. The bathroom "MAX" heater is hot hot hot! And its wonderful, incredible because it's so small. I wouldn't hesitate using the Infrared Heating Company again ,highly recommended. Many thanks. David Barnes"