Home in Dunbar, Scotland. 

"We bought the Infrared Mirror Heater (800w), and it’s proved to be an excellent purchaseboth in terms of heating and efficiency. As you can see from the photo, we have wooden

floors and the way heater works means that it warms that up (rather than the air between them) along with all the furniture in the room, which then in turn radiate heat into the room.

We have the mirror connected to a wifi smart plug, which means we can schedule when the mirror turns on in the morning, and when it will automatically turn off. Additionally it means

that we can turn it on and off when we are out of the house. This was especially useful earlier in the year when we were away from the house for an extended period - it allowed us to make sure the house was warm enough that the pipes didn’t freeze! We’re going to buy an additional wall mounted heater for a different part of the house and connect it to the smart plug too."