Heaters for the Garden Room

Very happy with my purchase, previously to changing the purpose & redecorating the room it contained two bulky unsightly convection heaters. After months of hard work it would of ruined the new look of the room to keep the old heaters, they had to go! After spending a long time looking for the right product, I found UK Infrared Company & they had the ones that ticked all the boxes. Sleek, stylish, powerful & good value for money. I purchased two black glass 1000w heaters, but they have been so good only one is really needed. However they look great in the room so I'm glad to have both ...

Home in Andover

... After one winter using the IR radiators, our experiences are very positive. The one controlled via a thermostat works well, it comes on when it gets too cold, the warmth it gives is very gentle, no dryness as with a gas central heating or burnt smell from an electric heater. They say heat is pretty much spontaneous, but my experience would suggest 5 mins or so for the warmth to make any difference. However, the biggest plus is the one in the bedroom and the bathroom ...

Home in Guildford

We have two infrared heaters in our house. We initially bought a mirror panel to 'test' this new technology we stumbled upon. It sounded too good to be true. But I must admit we have been pleasently surprised- we installed it in the dining area. The warmth from it is amazing. It really does feel like the sun! We were having mould and damp issues, due to the area we live in, and the panels have helped reduce that.

Heaters for Conservatory, Dundee

... Dale Rose was very helpful and from our plans calculated what size of panels might be best. As the difference in price between panel sizes is not great, we decided to opt for 2 panels of the more generous 800W specification to ensure that we would not be under-heated. We also purchased a thermostat. It was a bit of a puzzle to know where to place them in a circular space, especially since they could only be hung at the specific height that matched the width of their brackets to the tent-like structure of the ceiling beams. They were eventually directed towards the table, where one might most usually sit. We are very pleased with them. Within minutes of being turned on, even though the space is cold, you can feel their heat, rather like having the sun on your back on a winter’s day. Then gradually the whole space warms up ...

Heating Your Home

When considering Infrared heating for domestic use there are a few factors to consider.

'What size and volume is the room?'

'How well insulated is the room?'

'How is the space being used and how often?'

'What types of ceilings or walls are panels being mounted to?'

'How should I consider positioning around windows and doors?' .

Ceiling Mountable Panels

For a larger room or a room that you would need to reserve your wall real estate, Ceiling mounted options would be the favourable option. Ceiling mounted panels are able to provide you with a more even distribution of heat as well as a more effective heat solution. However, for ceiling mounted options you would need a thermostat in order to benefit from the efficiency of the far infrared ceiling panels. We would also strongly recommend installation with a qualified electrician.

Wall mountable/ freestanding Panels

For smaller spaces, a wall mounted option may prove much more cost effective and adequate heating solution as wall mounted heaters all come with a 3-pin plug, built in thermostat option as well as a free standing option making them easy to install/uninstall and accessible.

Glow heaters

For semi outdoor/outdoor spaces such as your conservatory, garden room or patio we strongly recommend the use of Glow heaters also known as short infrared heaters. Glow heaters are also the more efficient option for indoor spaces with a low frequency of use. For some who may find the glow somewhat distracting, many of our glow heaters come with a diffuser option to reduce the glare by up to %95.