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Electric heating mats are used for heating all types of ceramic tile in adhesive.

It is a quick and easy solution for floor heating or tempering of cold surfaces in cold rooms, depending on the built-in performance. Unique quality and warranty terms. BVF’s high-end electric heating mats are used for heating all types ceramic tile and vinyl. Electric heating mats can be used in the installation of the heating system for complete buildings or of only one room. 

Brand new film heater with CNT technology. The new generation of underfloor heating

More stable heating element using Carbon Nanotube technology at production. CALEO PREMIUM LINE film heater is an energy saving suface heater, utilizes carbon nanotubes (CNT) to provide superior stability, efficiency and reliability compared to other conventional and PTC heaters.

BVF’s high-end quality alumium heating mats are used for heating laminate floors.

Complete floor heating that can be installed even during cover replacement or before floor covering. The heating mat with L-PRO aluminium texture provides a heat conduction that is more even than ever and it allows an electromagnetic shielding for the whole surface to achieve maximum comfort.

Top quality products and systems from the home of Samsung and LG, together with nearly 3 decades’


We offer complete system solutions and products to those who understand the advantages of engineering-free innovative heating systems, who vote for environment conscious construction and/or achieve

energy independence by implementing renewable energy sources.

Our objectives are the same as those of satisfied users worldwide. Development of energy efficient and

environmentally sound heating systems is a common interest. It is the expressed goal of BVF-CALEO holding management to provide the comfort of our homes by developing green and healthy heating systems.

Please Note: Underfloor heating has a delivery time of 7 days.

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