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We, at UK Infrared Heating Company have a wide range of infrared heaters and heating panels available in different sizes and configurations. Irrespective of your budget, you can shop with us, as we have different offerings for different budgets, without any compromise in the quality.

Based in the UK, we have the latest technologies incorporated in our products using the finest Carbon Crystal elements.  We intend to create awareness among customers regarding the latest developments and technologies in infrared heating and deliver it  straight to your doorstep!


Its hard for a lot of people to get their heads around this new concept. Usually we have been raised and educated to choose convection options which heat the air. BUT, this is inevitably a loosing battle and a very ineffective way of heating. Infra red heats the things in the room the floor the walls the furniture and you, these things, store the warmth that they, then give out to the air slowly over time.


Usually with conventional heating the air at the ceiling is maybe 30 degrees C but down at your feet its just 15 degrees C. This is what we often experience thus, they now try to rotate the air to mix it but by the law of physics hot air inevitably will rise leaving us sitting down on the sofa, cold.  Infra Red Heaters works differently storing heat in the things not in the air that shoot out the door or window when its opened.


To explain maybe an example. In a conservatory facing south during the day the whole room warms up by the power of the sun sending its Infra Red rays in to the materials in the building then, in the evening (even though) the sun has long gone the room remains warm. This is like Infra red, it creates warmth and a sense of well being all around you. Its not a miracle... its science!!


Of course there is an initial outlay setting up the panels but afterwards they will run with a life expectancy of 30 years. Some of the products have built in control systems but some do not but when connected to a thermostat or Timer these products really come in to their own. Meaning that they can for example come on for a few hours and then later go off with the room having reached the desired temperature then they only need to come back on a gain intermittently to TOP UP the infra red warmth. Of course just running half of the time will save you greatly.


By using our products, your savings in energy bills will prove to be highly beneficial in the long run! You can achieve healthy heating without having a large environmental impact as the consumption is much less we will be helping to conserve the planet for our children.

With a rich professional knowledge, we will be glad to assist you with infrared heating solutions to your doorstep! You can reach out to us by writing to us or by calling us up and our expert will help you with your questions or queries or of course suggestions and even complaints. We welcome all feed back.
There are different types of infrared heating panels for you, available based on your requirement and unique situation. Browse through our online catalog and you will definitely find what you are looking for! If you experience any difficulty, feel free to get in touch with us and we will quickly address it!

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We have 4 different Models for ceiling mounted panels and we have another  4 options of wall panels which come with or without built in digital thermostat. There are various mediums which transfer the infra red waves (Heat) STONE, GLASS, CERAMIC and METAL. Infra red passes through all of them in to your room to warm the things.The choice is yours. Find the look that suits you!!