Dance Studio

"We are situated in a very old pre 1900 Co-op building, there is no gas supply. Previously we struggled to heat the space using plug in electric heaters and oil filled radiators, these were unsafe for small children not to mention the huge electricity bills. In October 2016 I came across the infrared heating company while researching on the internet (probably wearing gloves and a scalrf) I spoke with them at length on the phone for advice on my unique situation. The help I received was second to none, I am hoping to install more heaters in the future. The building is enormous so we just bought what we could back in 2016. The heaters we have are 8x1300w Lux heaters and 2x 2000w commercial heaters. Being ceiling mounted takes away any risk of children burning themselves while dancing. We have them in most rooms attached to a room thermostat. We have found them extremely reliable and economical. I would recommend to anyone with any size property. We use them in small spaces as well as the vast space of the dance studios. Would recommend the company and the products I haven’t found better value anywhere."