Home in London

I live in an old pre 1900 house. Its always been difficult to heat. During lockdown i was working from home. to have the whole central heating system in the freezing winter on all day was not an option.so i looked around for something for an individual which was economical and could be on for very long period of time ie all day.i came across infrared heaters. It sounded a novel idea and thought would try it. I chose a lovely golden sunset scene to go with the fireplace surround. The heating system worked beautifully. For the first time i actually felt comfortably warm. Its just remarkable.the picture panel is so good i am now thinking of buying more for the other rooms. They warm and enhance a place. Even in summer they adorn a room because of the picture. far better than radiators which we try to hide this can ve the focus of a room and its functional. If you are looking to buy one make sure you chose the correct size for the room and position for maximum effect .the controls takes time to master and if i have any criticism its the instructions need to be re written in plain English rather than a google translate from German. but the heater is fab. i can now heat my art out !

Jeffrey Cohen

Senior Associate

Head of Wealth and Succession Planning team.