Wellness Space - Yoga Studio

    As a yoga studio we wanted to start offering hot yoga classes. Our radiators weren't powerful enough to heat our space and we didn't want to use heaters that blew the air out. In the end, we bought 6 700W InfraRed Heaters for Armstrong Suspended Ceiling and they work great. We also bought the Central Control Box and Multi-zone Controller which means the heating can be turned on remotely before the teacher leaves their house to heat to the studio so it's ready for when they arrive. Being able to control this heating system from our phones is also great for when we forget to turn the heating off: there is no need to drive back to the studio - just control it from your smartphone. For a yoga class it also gives off a really nice dry and evenly distributed heat. We've had great service with this company and no issues with any of our products so I'd recommend them to anyone.