Home in Worsham, Witney

In November 2021, I decided to replace my old inefficient heaters with new wall mounted glass panel infrared heaters. After perusing a few websites, I chose the heaters from the Infrared Heating Company as they looked aesthetically beautiful.

As the technology is quite new, I contacted the company who were very helpful in answering all my questions regarding the correct placement and size required.

I am a fine artist and designer and live in an old converted Waterworks building.

It was suggested that I instal two large panels to heat an open plan living area as well as two smaller ones for the bedrooms.

I am delighted with my purchase as the heaters have discreetly blended into the aesthetics of the rooms and more importantly have saved a significant amount on electricity bills. I have also noticed that my dust allergy has disappeared.

The type of heat generated from the heaters mounted high on the walls is very pleasing as the heat spreads around the room and is not only generated in a restricted direction as my old heaters did.

I can highly recommend these beautiful unobtrusive highly efficient glass panel heaters.


Cotswolds UK.