"We have been renovating a house we moved in to and decided to create more wall space in our sitting room by replacing two large radiators with some kind of heating alternative.

After extensive research and a visit to a home building exhibition, we decided to try some infrared panel heaters.

The 3 heaters supplied by Infrared Heaters have proved to be very successful, providing a gentle warmth where and when we want it.

They are small, inconspicuous, and aimed directly where we will be occupying the room, either in the sitting rooms TV viewing or desk zones.

They are flexible too, and can be turned on and off manually as required or controlled by a thermostat.

On demand heating will prove to be much more economical and efficient.

No more waiting for a radiator to heat up the whole room during the forthcoming winter months.

Over time, we will be looking to replace other radiators around the house too."