Home in Normandy, France

  Breakfast time, in particular, has been transformed by the ceiling mounted ThermoGlass MAX heaters we bought from the Infrared Heating Company. 

  We have a large, open plan living space in our stone-built cottage on the granite heights of Normandy, including dining area and kitchen, with the main heating supplied by a wood burning stove. 

The supplementary wall mounted convector heater was inadequate and mornings with the stove unlit meant extra layers of clothing and the toast going cold very quickly! 

   We replaced it with two 500 watt suspended infrared panels, one over the breakfast table and

the second covering the area between front door and dining table, both controlled by a

single wall-mounted thermostat. 


We found the heaters warm the furniture in the room as well as us (it feels like early summer sunshine), and the infrared energy heats and reflects upwards from the tiled floor - now we rarely light the wood burner until the evening even in the depths of winter. It's difficult to compare running costs because electricity prices are generally higher in France (until the current big increases in the UK!) but our bills have

hardly changed despite the big rise in comfort levels. We've been so convinced by these

overhead IR panels that we've bought five more in various sizes to be the only heating for

the three-room apartment we,re building in our converted stone barn - I'd be happy to

report on how this works out when it's finished.