Home in Norfolk

"Having moved to a village with no gas supply and to a home with really inefficient electric heating we were looking for a better and cheaper way to heat our home. We looked at air source pumps - but so expensive! We looked at oil central heating but then we had to have a big storage tank in our garden - ditto for gas delivered by tankers. I did lots of research and kept coming up with infra red heating as a good option but I was having trouble getting my head round it! Dale was very patient on the phone explaining it to me. Dale then offered for us to try a couple on a sale or return basis if we weren’t happy - but we were! And we went on to heat our whole home with them, with thermostats in every room for complete control. We really like the heat from these heaters. It’s not an ‘exhausting’ heat but our home feels very cosy and early signs show that we will make big financial savings. As a bonus they are very modern looking and unobtrusive! This was definitely the right way forward for us and Dale could not have been more helpful or patient! 

Kind regards, Jennie Horton"