Home in Horsham

"We have heated our house with storage heaters for the last 25 years but when one finally stopped working late last year we realised new storage heaters, besides being very expensive also needed new extra wiring and therefore mess. So we decided to look elsewhere. A complete new radiator central heating system was not an option we wanted, because a boiler needs servicing each year, can break down meaning the whole house is frozen, (not just one room as an electric heater) and the radiators can leak. After some research we decided to replace the large 3.5KW storage heater with two 800 watt glass infra red heaters mounted at an angle above two doors, they just plug into a normal 13 Amp socket. We are delighted they keep our room warmer than the old heater with similar running costs – and that is on day rate electricity not cheap night rate. The heating is very pleasant, rather like warm sunshine, no noise and no vents to dust. The best thing being we can boost the heating easily at any time. They are easy to install and look great, they don’t interfere with the décor and leave floor space free. We also bought a panel heater on wheels which we will be wall mounting to replace another storage heater later in the year. The Infrared company were really helpful and delivery was very fast. We would highly recommend them and will certainly be using them again when we replace our other storage heaters."