I first heard of infrared Heating when speaking to my Solar Heating Panel supplier - and he said it is marvelous - so I Googled the system and came across The infrared Heating Company.

I could just say — «and the rest is history» — but l will expand……. I looked at a few sites that sell infrared heating panels - but the one that stood out for me was The infrared Heating Company - so after a reasonable amount of research and inquiries - I decided it was the system for me.

I believe that a lot of people have just one or two panels for additional heating where required and of course, the panels are well suited to that - but I wanted to have a complete central heating system and get rid of the radiators.

An electrician friend said - why not have just one to see if you like it - but t said no - my mind is made up to have a complete conversion.

Well my new system has been in a few weeks and of course, we are in quite a testing cold spell - sufficient for me to judge the performance and I am delighted to say it is really good - and as it is a heat akin to sunshine - without the harmful rays of course - it is really pleasant. My accommodation does include a fully windowed garden room and the infrared Panet heats it perfectly.

The infrared Heating Company was lovely to deal with - having patience with all my many queries and. amendments to design - so that they were sure that I would be happy with the final choice of size and style.

The electricians that installed the system for me hard-wired all units into the loft of my bungalow and wired down to isolation switches in my hall cupboard - one switch for each panel - so that t have total control of the needs for each season - that is - say in autumn if it turns a bit chilly when you sit down for a bit of TV - just one unit where you are can be switched on for a little bit of comfort - perfect and you are only using the wattage of that one planet.

I cannot recommend this system highly enough - quite economical to buy and it is possible to install yourself - but if not just get a couple of electricians to quote.

Strangely not many people have heard of this system - including electricians - but from my experience so far it is a winner all round - neat and tidy clear glass panels hang from the ceiling - no dust space taking radiators - furniture can be arranged better and if - tike me - you are All-Electric it is more economical to run than other systems and I think actually with the hike in gas and oil prices it will probably contend well with the other fuels.

Of course The infrared. Heating Company does offer a full range and, there are wall-hung panel heaters - free standing plug-in heaters - all sorts - take a look at the infrared Heating Company's website and see the range for yourself.

I love the system I have - for so many reasons and let's not forget the big one ... how green am I ? !!

Hats off to The infrared Heating Company and many thanks for a very pleasant buying experience.

Diana G — Norfolk.