Home in Durham

 "We have just recently built an extension on our home and we were looking at different heating systems as I want to slowly remove the use of gas from my home and didn’t want to take up wall space from radiators.

One of my family members works in renewable energy and energy saving he mentioned Infrared heating and explained into detail about how they work and how much more efficient they are compared to other heating methods. I searched for infrared heating and came across a few company’s but with just one phone call with infrared heating company my mind was set from purchasing from them. The knowledge and information received was top notch very friendly and told me exactly the same as my family member told me about infrared. There is a large selection of panels available from these. I purchased 4 panels of the thermo max glass with heato9 thermostat. These do not disappoint the heat these give off is very comfortable. I am now on renovating another room in the house and will be buying more from the infrared heating company.

Thank you

John Croft"