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   Suitable for embedding in the tin adhesive directly, it does not cause floor leveling.

   Embedded in levelling concrete layer for heating carpet, synthetic resin, plastic and other glued coatings.

   The improved heating element of BVF H-MAT consists of two nano-technology heating elements with a cross section of only 0.5 mm. The lifetime of the heating fixtures is longer than conventional heating cables due to the twin core design, making it faster and easier to connect only at one side.

   Whether new construction or tile replacement, it is easily implemented.


Unique quality and warranty terms. BVF’s high-end electric heating mats are used for heating all types ceramic tile and vinyl. Electric heating mats can be used in the installation of the heating system for complete buildings or even for the comfort heating of only one room. In the BVF cable with twin-cuncuctor heating element the heater wiring goes back and forth, so it has to be connected on one side only. Our products come with a 2.5m long factory-installed connection cable that has been tested multiple times.


The thickness of the BVF H-MAT electric heating mat is only 3.8mm, so unlike conventional heating cables, it is possible to build individual and additional comfort floor heating without raising the floor level, since the tile adhesive or the floor levelling layer should be at least as thick as this.

        Ready-made electric heating mats from 1-12m2 heating sizes. After installation, the heating mat floor heating system can be put into operation immediately, and it can be connected directly to the thermostat with a 2.5m long factory-installed connection cable. Thanks to Twin-Conductor technology, it has to be connected on one side only.

       Whether it is a new heating system or only a floor replacement, the installation is easy. For bathrooms, regardless of the real heat demand, we recommend heating mats with a larger product capacity (150W/m2) for quick and dynamic heating.

       By using adhesive coat, it can be installed even on existing flooring.    


Choosing the right control is essential to ensuring the system is easy to use and efficient. Please look at our range of underfloor heating thermostats, from digital displays, room sensor controlled to Wi-Fi enabled thermostats using an App, so there’s something for every kind of system.

Please Note: The Underfloor heating has a delivery time of 7 days.