Far Infrared Heating

+ Expected energy savings with thermostats in well insulated rooms
+ Objects and surfaces store the heat
+ Produces comfortable radiant heat with no glow

Short Infrared Heating

+ Instant spot-heating
+ Suitable for poorly insulated rooms
+ IP67 heater suitable for outdoor/sem-ioutdoor spaces
+ Optional light reduction

Wellness Space - Yoga Studio

As a yoga studio we wanted to start offering hot yoga classes. Our radiators weren't powerful enough to heat our space and we didn't want to use heaters that blew the air out. In the end, we bought 6 700W InfraRed Heaters for Armstrong Suspended Ceiling and they work great. We also bought the Central Control Box and Multi-zone Controller which means the heating can be turned on remotely before the teacher leaves their house to heat to the studio so it's ready for when they arrive.

Waterford Hatha Yoga Shala

We are absolutely thrilled with the new Infrared Heaters installed in our Yoga Studio. Our premises is an old building with very poor insulation, I heard some of the yoga studios in Ireland are using infrared heaters and they are great. I have been searching online to see the best cost effective and of course affordable price for one of those until I came across the Infrared Heater company ...

Heaters for Dance Studio

We are absolutely thrilled with the new Infra RED HEATERS installed in our Dance Studio. We have struggled for years with our 6 x 3kw fan heaters never really reaching the corners of the studio where the children and elderly members are exercising . The serious cold winters have been a struggle to keep the occupants warm by just air heat , especially at floor level ...

Dance Studio in Newton Abbot

I had never been able to adequately heat the whole studio and was looking for a low cost heating solution. I looked into infrared and they seemed the best option. When I contacted the INFRARED Heater Company they were very helpful and advised me what would work best for my space ...