Church and Hall Testimonials

Village Hall

We recently bought 17 of the Far Infrared Industrial Heaters in order to supply and install at a local village hall. Infrared Company was very helpful in letting us know which heaters would be best for the area and size of the job and replied quickly and professionally to our email questions. The heater panels arrived within a few days of order and there were no problems with packaging. One of the panels was missing the chains needed to hang them from the ceiling and Dale very quickly arranged a replacement one to be sent in the post. The instructions were simple and easy to read and the panels were easy to install. We were advised to install Infra-Red Panels as we are a rural location with no access to mains gas and the old system were very inefficient gas heaters which cost a lot to maintain and run, the village hall is now looking at installing solar panels to help reduce the ongoing costs of the electricity. The hall is now warmer and heats up a lot quicker when the thermostats are turned up. The panels look good in the hall, and as they are fitted to the ceiling, cannot pose any health and safety risks to users of the hall. The thermostats we have installed means its easier for users to control the temperature and the panels respond quickly. As they are a source of radiated heat (not convection like normal radiators) they heat up people and objects, not the air and as such we believe they will be more efficient in the long run.
We would definitely recommend these panels to other users and would suggest installing them in homes, offices and village halls like we have.

Simon Heppell
Starchelle Communications

Church in Newport

I would like to forward to you our experience regards heating our Church this past year. Since 1976 our Church in Newport , Isle of Wight has been heated by a Gas Boiler with underfloor heating. In autumn of last year we found ourselves without heating for the winter as our boiler was condemned as unfit . As it happened of course we had very few meetings to heat for during last winter. So this spring and summer 2021 we had to find a new source of heating for the winter. We looked at a new boiler or gas radiators and found them expensive and of course against government recommendations. Then we looked at electric radiators and night storage which we found expensive as we were trying to heat a large area , a high sealing, and also would need thee phase electric power. We had a quote for it to find it to be at least £7000.00 to add to the cost of any sort of radiators. Thankfully we were in touch with Infrared Heater Co. who quickly pointed out that with Infrared we wouldn’t need 3 phase electric power, as they heat the people and furniture and not the space.
In September of this year we ordered 8 although 6 may have been sufficient Hellosa 2200W Infrared heaters .which we received in about a week . They were fitted in about two days and have been very effective and at times more than enough warmth. We would thoroughly recommend them for similar situations.
Sent from my iPad. I hope you find this useful. We still have the one that throws out the earth trip each time but stays on with a double click of the earth trip. We seem to be able to live with that. I’ll now follow this note with a couple of pics!

Thank you John.

Badcaul Church of Scotland

Badcaul Church of Scotland has served the local village for over a century, but recent changes have been made to make the space more versatile for community use. This involved removing rows of pews from the front of the building to free up space for other activities – which created a problem: heating to this area had previously been by electric bar heaters below the now removed pews. With no mains gas available, oil fired central heating expensive to install, and a limited electrical supply to the building, options seemed limited – especially given the size of the building, the height of the ceiling, and little insulation. Then we contacted the Infrared Heater Company with a description of the problem, a sketch of the building, and a plea for help. The response was immediate, detailed and affordable. Very soon after two infrared ceiling panels were soon on their way north. Easily installed by willing volunteers, the heaters proved an instant success. After a short time to pre-heat, they effectively warm the activity space without having to heat the unused areas and roof space. Result: lots of happy exercise groups, social gatherings, craft classes and community lunchers.

We are deeply grateful to the Infrared Heater Company.
We couldn’t have done it without you.

City Praise Center

Having no functioning heating and a broken underground gas pipe caused us to rethink our heating system for our warehouse which houses a 500 seat auditorium. The previous gas heater for the unit was very uneven in the heat distribution, noisy and unsuitable to use during the service. After some initial exploration we discovered the possibility of using ‘no light infrared’ units. Speaking to Dale we discussed our requirements and situation. Our solution has been Infra red units hung from the roof (about 6m away from the floor) which are silent and have provided us with 3 controllable heating zones, producing even yet tailored temperatures across a building that previously had very clear hot and cold zones! Despite the units being located at the very edge of their ideal operating distance due to our lighting rig they are capable of heating the building from cold 6/7 degrees to 19 degrees in a couple of hours, which is then very easily maintainable. The panels themselves were delivered within a couple of days of placing the order and installation was through our local electrician who started on Monday morning and left us a warm building on Thursday evening! The app based remote control and programming saves worries about arriving early to turn it on or returning to see if someone’s left the heating on. We are very happy with this innovative solution as the panels are very unobtrusive and operation truly is hassle free!

Core Electrical Services Ltd

We are an electrical contractor specializing in motorcycle showroom installations. One of our recent installs included a requirement to fit out the workshops. Ordinarily these would be heated using a large gas heater such as a combat heater or similar but due to the lower ceiling height at this site an alternative had to be considered. Part of the problem with a garage is that the roller shutter door is often open to allow the bikes to be wheeled in and out, which means trying to keep the air temperature constant is quite difficult. After looking into the options available we decided to install Far “LUX” 800W infra red heating panels, ceiling hung on the chain suspension kit that comes with them. The heaters where positioned in between the bike ramps, above the work benches to optimize coverage where the mechanics would be most of the time. These heaters proved to be the ideal solution, giving great coverage and the feeling of standing in invisible sunshine. They look good too, blending in with the lighting scheme and have the added obvious benefit of being completely silent. We have a similar installation to do later this year and will definitely be using these heaters again.

Kind Regards
Mike Wordsworth
Core Electrical Services Ltd

Activewear Group

I recently purchased 4 x Commercial PRO Glow space heaters with 1 x room thermostat 701 and 3x radio frequency room thermostats.
We have never been exposed to infrared heating before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was more than pleasantly surprised.
As you can see from the attached pictures we have used three positioned directly over our work stations and the fourth heating up our newly built office. We used qualified electricians to install the heaters and they have been put on their own RCD’s within the fuse box. Although we had initial trouble “pairing” the thermostats we were sent a “youtube” clip explaining how to do this and within seconds it became very obvious what we were doing wrong and it worked straight away. Our ceiling is 3500mm in height and we were advised to have them hanging 900mm from the ceiling our electrician wanted to install at 300mm we compromised at 600mm with the option to shorten or lengthen but having used them daily now for two months we are really happy at 600mm. I feel qualified in writing about our experience because we used these heaters extensively when the weather was minus 8 degrees outside and I have not heard one complaint about it being too cold, not one! Personally, I have to take my jacket and jumper off to remain comfortable when I work under them. I would describe the heat that these heaters provide as a subtle heat as opposed to a direct fan like heat and having the room thermostats set keeps the whole place nicely warmed in the most economical way, we really couldn’t be happier.

Steve Frost
Business Developer

Ash & Co Workshops

I have two workshops that are both drafty and we were spending a fortune on conventional heating systems. We installed air conditioning in one workshop which costs around £350 per month in the winter months to keep the workshop warm enough to survive. We often have to add to that with gas bottle heaters too. So, when we took over our new workshop, a friend recommended FAR Infrared heating and we started to look into it. I looked at a few companies and phoned them up for advice. The one with the best advice and service, was the Infra Red Heater Co who told me everything I needed to know. So I ordered three of the larger heaters for the workshop. The install was simple and we wired in the thermostat and two heaters in no time. I had actually bought three but in the end we decided to only install two of them as they were so effective. Honestly, I think these heaters are brilliant. They are warm in no time and if you're standing underneath them within the range, it's toastie warm. We don't even have them on for that long as they're so good. Recently we installed a paint booth into the new workshop so we've raised one of the heaters up out of the way as we just don't need it. We plan to remove that one and install four of them into our main workshop now and just forget the aircon system altogether. It's just so good for a drafty environment compared to other heaters. It's the best purchase I've made this year. So if you're considering what to do for a new type of heating system, then I hope this review is useful. I can recommend the system and the company that sold it to me with no hesitation at all.

Thanks Dale and team!
Jonty Ashworth - Ash & Co Workshops.

Mecoco - Social Enterprise

Mecoco is a social enterprise making candles, and working with disabled adults and young people in a manufacturing environment. As many of our colleagues are wheelchair users and sitting still for prolonged periods, keeping warm was a priority for us when we were planning how to heat our new workshop. Being a non-profit organisation cost was important. Working with some people who are noise sensitive meant that noisy heaters were also not an option.
Then we came across IR heaters, and more importantly the Infrared Heater Company.
It is one thing to find a solution that sounds like it fits the bill. It is another thing to then be able to communicate quickly, reliably and professionally with someone about our needs. The company have been a pleasure to deal with and we are so pleased with the heaters. They were easy to install and, as we now also have them on remote sockets, we can turn them on first thing in the morning and the workshop is toasty warm for when we arrive for work.

Smalley Sparkenhoe Display Ltd

We are a display manufacturing company in Leicestershire, over the past few years we have struggled to heat out Spray shop as all the heat is dragged out by the air filters. We heard about a new technology of infrared heaters that heat the object not the air. After trawling the internet, we came across The Infrared Heater Company, I rang for advice and Dale explained fully how the system could work for us, which heaters we would require for the area and how many. When we received the heaters I again contacted the company for advice with installation. I cannot fault the customer service from start to finish, the heaters are working perfectly for our business, they are relatively inexpensive to buy and run. We are now considering heating the rest of our factory with this technology and will definitely come back to The Infrared Heater Company for their services.

Michelle Smalley
Sparkenhoe Display Ltd

Barbour & Sons Ltd

We are a clothing manufacturer and supplier so business is quite varied from factory’s to offices. warehouses and stores The attached pictures show one of the dispatch offices which is located in our main warehouse. This is manned by desk based staff who found the warehouse temperature too low as the don’t move around. The issue we had was the ceiling was very high and if we fitted conventional heating most of the heat would be lost in the void above unless a suspended ceiling was fitted.
We fitted 1 x 4000k heater which is the largest you that you supply. The staff were very sceptical of the infrared heater however once it was fitted it transformed the working temperature in the room and the staff were very happy indeed. The heater was a great price for the size of the room and also saved money on a suspended ceiling, this was an excellent answer to our heating problems. Our second install was in a completely different environment (unfortunately I cannot supply pictures as we are currently on lock down) This install solved a completely different type of issue. The problem I had was that the area is shared by two different departments. One set of staff work over a heated table all day so the always find the area too hot. The other staff work on inspection and input and always found the area too cold. I had fitted 2 x 2000k heaters above the inspection staff which allowed us to keep the main at quite a low temperature. This product was perfect and stopped all complaints from both sets of staff. I would highly recommend these products, they heat the person rather than the area and they save a lot of energy compared to conventional heaters.

Leeds wood Recycling

Leeds wood recycling is a social enterprise which diverts wood waste from landfill, giving long term unemployed people opportunities to access free training and volunteer opportunities. We have been running for one year and it’s been very cold! Being a start-up we didn’t have enough money in our first year to buy any heating. Our premises is a large warehouse with zero insulation, and a lot of timber around, so were initially unsure what the safest and most cost-effective way to heat the space was. Dale at The Infra red heater company was super friendly on the phone and advised us to use the Ceiling Mounted Panel Heaters, it’s something I hadn’t really heard of before but is a product that matches our needs exactly. The service was great, with speedy delivery and our retail and workshop team are so happy with the results. You’ll notice that our volunteer is even wearing a t shirt in the photo. In November! The heaters are safe, warm and cost-effective. We thoroughly recommend them!

Bristol South Aikido Dojo

Bristol South Aikido Dojo is a venue that provides martial arts training to students who vary in age from 5 years old to 75 years old. Our premises are rented and come with no heating source. In our first winter in our new home we found that without heating our premises were just too cold. This had a detrimental effect upon our classes and also affected attendance. Students did not want to come and freeze while training and class sizes and revenue dropped. As a result we decided that we needed to install some form of heating. Our training is a physical activity so we were looking for a form of heating that would generate an ambient temperature for our activities. Not too hot but not too cold. Also we were keen to avoid some of the issues with traditional heating such as fire risk, fumes from gas fires and of course high running costs. The Infrared system sounded ideal for our purposes and most of all sounded economical to run. After deliberations we selected Far Infrared Heaters ""LUX"", Infrared heating panels which we would hang from our ceilings at a height that would not impact our weapons training. We chose the most powerful ones available and purchased 3 although this was a little under the recommended number for the size of the room. The ordering process was very simple and our delivery arrived within a few days. An electrician was needed to help with fitting them which was not simple given that we do have high ceilings in our premises but in half a day they were in place. Winter is now completed. Overall I am pleased with the results. The room does not get hot but there is a warmth that students can feel. It makes our dojo much more welcoming and we have seen that students continue to attend classes. We more than cover running costs with extra attendance and the initial outlay should be recovered within the first year. Based on the success of my 1st order I purchased a further heater for a smaller room and that is even better that the original set.

Regards Daren Sims - Bristol South Aikido Dojo

Heaters for Dance Studio

We are absolutely thrilled with the new Infra RED HEATERS installed in our Dance Studio. We have struggled for years with our 6 x 3kw fan heaters never really reaching the corners of the studio where the children and elderly members are exercising . The serious cold winters have been a struggle to keep the occupants warm by just air heat , especially at floor level . Our timber roomed Studio looses heat as fast as we put it in . Everything has now changed with a comfort level never before experienced . We have saved a “fortune” in swapping 18kw for 5.2kw , and we now feel the true benefit of direct-to-body heat especially when wearing nominal exercise clothing and lying down in Yoga sessions . We cannot emphasise more the savings and comfort that we now enjoy .
Thanks Infra Red Company for the help and advice in choosing our system layout and sizing

Tony Nicklin
The Warminster Athenaeum Trust

1st Quarry Bank Scouts

Being a manager of a small charity I am constantly looking for ways to reduce our costs as well as improve our building and lower its expenses. Just before Christmas we had an unfortunate situation where 2 of our Heaters which heat our main-room broke down. We were looking at a cost of around £4000 for like for like gas heaters. We spoke to a few colleagues for advice and they recommended we look at the offering of the Infrared Heater Company. This was an urgent situation which needed to be rectified due to cold weather and Children being the main users of the hall. After browsing the website and calculating the size of our room, we contacted Dale via Email and phone to discuss our requirements. We were initially looking at 8-10x 2500W heaters, looking at spending in excess of £2500. We had very specific requirements due to the room size, the inconsistent usage and the durability of the item. After giving our needs to Dale he recommended an equivalent solution which ended up saving us a large sum of money for 4x 2 Kw IR Ceiling Mounted Heaters and a Programmable thermostat for around £1050 – Including Postage!!. We Received nothing but Amazing service from Dale and his team, the offering we wanted was initially out of stock so we had to wait a little while. This allowed our electrician to make the prep work. As soon as the item was available to ship we were able to place the order and were kept informed at all stages of the dispatch and delivery. The item was fitted easily and mounted to the ceiling without issue. Once the heaters were installed we have had no issues, they work as described and are flawless. A High Quality professional item, which looks sleek and is a minimalist addition to our ceiling space; in turn removing wall heaters we had in the past and the associated risks that come with them (See Pictured). Not only has moving to electric saved us money, using the Infrared Heater Company saved us a lot more money than we were expecting by tailoring the solution to our needs. We would recommend Dale and his team and have had enquiries from members of the public about our heaters which we will continue to pass onto the website.

Ted Batham- Group Manager on Behalf of 1st Quarry Bank Scout Group

Dance Studio in Newton Abbot

I had never been able to adequately heat the whole studio and was looking for a low cost heating solution. I looked into infrared and they seemed the best option. When I contacted the INFRARED Heater Company they were very helpful and advised me what would work best for my space.
I bought the infrared heaters for my large dance studios and they were delivered very quickly. I had never used infrared before. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of heat they give off. We have found our heating bills have halved!
Our heaters are on the ceiling and therefore safe from little fingers and no worries about children touching and burning themselves on a heater. Each heater covers a large area and is a perfect heat for dancing and exercising with. Its easy to turn on and off but I'm still trying to get to grips with the settings of the thermostat. However, if it gets too hot we can turn it down very easily.
I will definitely be buying more infrared heaters for the other studios and would recommend them to anyone who has a large space to heat :)