Holiday Chalet

"As part of our holiday chalet refurbishment it has been necessary to source neat, efficient, space saving heating. It did not take me long to come across the Infrared Company and view their extensive product range.

I was able to quickly establish that these relatively new to the market heating systems would be ideal for the application needed in our case.

Being a small, 2 bedroom, open plan living area chalet on the Suffolk Coast we required both efficiency and flexibility of usage. The fact that in our case, the heathers are ceiling mounted is absolutely 100% a bonus to the small areas we need to heat total wall space to site our furniture.

Just 2 phone calls were necessary to ascertain the product most suited to our chalet giving me entire confidence to place my order. As the product was completely new to our electrician, Dale spoke to him to confirm to him a few technical details.

I placed my order in accordance with the advice given for the exact units we would need to suit our room sizes and within 48 hours I had taken delivery of the units. To the amazement of our electrician and builders team. They were not used to such an efficient and swift service in the provision of heating units for a project.

I did smile to myself each time I heard the sceptical words of the traditional building team when discussing my fabulous new Infrared Company heaters. They soon ate their words with a large dose of relish! No longer the chilly cold work space for my team. They were toastie warm and extremely impressed with the tiny ceiling mounted heaters keeping them warm while finishing off the project of renovating my chalet.

I have had a few folk trying to pop their heads in the door to take a look - but of course, they will have to wait! I placed a large 'We are in Lockdown' notice on the door. But I'm proud that my new Infrared Company heaters are 'pulling a crowd'.

So, 2 weeks into living at the chalet, we are absolutely thrilled and find the heaters to be more than we hoped for in terms of appearance, design, and efficiency. We opted for the remote control thermostats although we haven't had cause to use them remotely as yet.

The back up and support has been second to none and left me in no doubt that choosing a new innovative product was sensible, wise and safe.

We have a property in Spain also and I shall definitely be looking at taking units there. The winters are cold and these Infrared Company heaters will be the perfect heating form for our rural property. I shall be able to control the heating from afar if necessary eliminating possible damp in the house as well as keeping us warm when we visit during the cooler months.

Infrared Company have been easy to deal with and I would highly recommend Dale and his team. They can provide a heating solution so flexible and contemporary to suits most needs."

Katharine Bizzey