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Varma Infrared Heater 1300W

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 Varma Infrared Heater 1300W redefines the capabilities of shortwave infrared heaters. These are elegant and sleek infrared heaters. The die-cast aluminium body, cutting-edge design, maximum heat performance and special long-life bulb make the VARMA Series line of infrared heaters are unique.  

The result is a radiant heater with all the proven benefits of shortwave infrared - instant warmth, energy-efficiency and low running costs. No other shortwave infrared heaters come close to VARMA in terms of subtle light output and technical performance.

This heater design to be used indoors. With Varma Tec Professional Infrared Heaters, you can direct heat only where it is required, avoiding wasteful dissipation and saving energy by as much as 60% when compared with traditional heaters. The Varma spot has been designed and built for household

• Tilt and swivel mounting bracket.
• Replaceable element

Rec. mounting height: 2.2-2.8m.
Rec. mounting angle: 45°.
Throw: 3.0-4.0m.
Spread 4.0m.
Electrical supply: 220-240V ac 50/60 Hz single phase.
Power consumption: 1.3kW.
Insulation: Class 1.
Enclosure: Aluminium, powder-coated gunmetal grey, with aluminum reflector.
Long-life element: 5000 hours (about 2 years).
Colour: Cast iron grey (RAL7015).

Weight: 2.73kg.
Cable: 2m silicon insulated heat resistant to 180°C.

Made in Italy