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Thermo Glass Max has a unique technology which has an elegant design, and transfers heat using carbon nano fibres; making it unique and original in the European market. With an invisible thermal insulation layer on the back, majority of the infrared radiation is reflected forward into the living space.


The panels are intended for ceilings and high walls, making it efficient and saving up valuable space. Position should be carefully considered prior to installation in order to ensure the maximum coverage of the room’s surfaces.

- Ceiling Mounted: this panel hangs down from wires (no brackets needed) at a distance 8cm from the ceiling. The 8cm distance is important in order to prevent the ceiling from suffering direct heat (only 10%) from the back of the panel.

- Wall Mounted: supported by wires, this panel hangs on brackets (purchased separately) at a 45° angle against a vertical wall. You can shorten the wire which holds the panel to adjust it to a 60° angle if desired.


- Top quality heater which mimics the power of the sun

- High efficiency and low operating costs; allowing you to save up to 40% on heating bills

- Elegant design 

- Very light in weight

- Kills mould and dries dampness on walls

- Does not dry the air, thus helping occupants of a room breathe freely

- Simple fitting, but should be completed by a qualified electrician.




Heating Area


500 W

80 x 12 x 1 cm

2 kg

12 m2

240 V

700 W

80 x 18 x 1 cm

3 kg

15 m2

240 V

900 W

80 x 23 x 1 cm

4 kg

18 m2

240 V

1200 W

80 x 29 x 1 cm

5 kg

22 m2

240 V

5 years warranty.

Infrared heater
80 x 12 x 1 cm

80 x 18 x 1 cm

80 x 23 x 1 cm
80 x 29 x 1 cm

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