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PLEASE CALL ON +44(0)1204588454 OR Email:

Far Infrared Space Heaters "PrO". 500W, 1500W No Glow Space Heaters.


Our Commercial Space heating ranges are revolutionizing the way businesses can heat people indoors. Infrared heat warms you directly without heating the air in between: so the heat goes where you want it to and doesn't just convert upwards to heat the ceiling.  

The ideal solution for heating production halls, workshops, offices, or other buildings. 

  PRO infrared heating units are intended for ceilings or high on the wall. This setup is not just the most efficient but it also saves valuable space; with the unit hung below the ceiling you are free to arrange everything in the room as your heart desires. The positioning of the unit's should be carefully considered before installation in order to ensure the maximum coverage of the room’s surfaces. 

Model Power, W
Volt Dimensions, mm Wall-mounted Ceiling mounted Weight, kg Heating area, m2
PRO-05 500
220-240 820x160x40 >1.8m Yes 2,3 10
PRO-08 800
220-240 1060x160x40 >1.8m Yes 3 16
PRO-10 1000
220-240 1420x160x40 >2m Yes 3,9 20
PRO-15 1500
220-240 1820x160x40 >2m Yes 4,9 30

5 years warranty.