Infrared Heating Glass Window

Infra-Red Heated Double glazing units.

    This is a new electrically heated glass that can be used in double glazing as an alternative to conventional central heating systems, or in addition to them. The panels appear like any usual windows being totally transparent with no visible wires or connections.


How it works?    

This technology heats the things in the room walls, floors, furniture even you, NOT the air which cools quickly and rises to the roof whilst the floor is cold, See diagram below. The infra-red heat is stored in these objects meaning that for hours later the room remains warm long after the unit is switched off.

In these glass double glazing unit, the inside face of each pane is covered with a transparent coating. Electrical current passing through the internal pane creating a radiant heat that warms the room. The heat going outwards hits the outer pane which is then reflected back inside. Also, during hot weather, the outer pane blocks out any unwanted heat.


Why use Infra-red glass?

-     Removes need for any cumbersome radiators

-     Can be sole heating for lofts and attics or any room.

-     Solves the problem of condensation or snow.

-     Kills mildew and fungus

-     Dries damp in walls and beams.

-     Reduce your heating bills substantially.

-     In summer reduces overheating in loft spaces etc reflecting sun.

-     Reduces drafts.


Can I control the temperature?

    The room temperature can be controlled with a programmable thermostat. Also, a dimer control fitted on the wall can be turned to regulate the glass’s surface temperature and the energy consumed. These glass panels can be incorporated into any kind of glazing frame or profile, and can be used as structural glazing in frameless applications.     

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How many do I need? What is the calculation?

About 10% of the floor area should be heated glass depending on insulation building materials and number of windows etc.