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Far Infrared Heaters "Ballu-Pro", Infrared heating panel. WHITE. 600W, 800W,1000W (No Glow)


Infrared heaters are currently recognized as some of the most energy-saving electrical devices. The secret of their great efficiency is how they transmit heat, by using infrared rays. 
"Ballu-Pro" infrared heating units have a modern design: the smart reinforced body casing, made from an aluminium alloy dyed with powder enamels. It is small in size, ingeniously simple to install, and comes equipped with an original wide-angle heat-emitting panel… these and many other outstanding features have now made "Ballu-Pro" the number one brand name in its category.
Watts Panel size cm  Heated area     kg Volt

600 W 82 x 13 x 4 cm    12 m2        2.0 kg 240V
800W 106 x 13 x 4 cm    16 m2        2.6 kg 240V
1000W 130 x 13 x 4 cm    20 m2        3.2 kg 240V




  • The smallest and thinnest panel heaters on the market!
  • Patented body shape
  • High dust and moisture protection IP54
  • Durable 25-micron anodizing ensures long-lasting and efficient performance.
  • Steel body and stainless steel Elements
  • Universal brackets included 
  • Possibility to hang IR heaters at an angle of 30 ° at an angle on ceiling or wall
  • Possibility of direct suspension from threaded rods
  • High energy efficiency
  • Does not burn oxygen and does not create a burning smell

Technical data
Operating voltage: 230-240V
Mounting type: ceiling or wall
Surface temperature: 220-260°C
Protection class: IP54
Protection class: I
Power consumption: depending on selection 600W/800W/1000W

      "Ballu-Pro" infrared heating units are intended for ceilings or high on the wall. The overhead installation makes best use of their unique oval profile of the heat-emitting panel evenly heats up the entire room. This setup is not just the most efficient but it also saves valuable space; with the unit hung below the ceiling you are free to arrange everything in the room as your heart desires. The positioning of the unit should be carefully considered prior to installation in order to ensure the maximum coverage of the room’s surfaces. There are rotating hangars that allow the panel to be hung on the wall and angled down.

Product Description

Infrared heaters BALLU BIH-AP4

Description of the series

New infrared heaters BALLU-PRO  - the most compact modern economical heating device for directional heating. They are indispensable for local heating of working areas in rooms with high ceilings or poor thermal insulation, where the use of traditional methods of heating is ineffective. The possibility of local installation above the place where people are located ensures the economy of energy consumption. All BALLU-PRO models come bundled with universal brackets, which allow easy and quick installation of heaters to the ceiling or wall. A qualitatively new approach to creating comfortable conditions is possible through the use of BALLU-PRO infrared heaters. They have become very popular in recent years due to their high energy efficiency, safety, and unique advantages over other types of heaters.

Like the sun, they emit thermal energy in the infrared spectrum. Heat is practically not absorbed by the air and without loss reaches the heated surfaces, which, in turn, heat the air. This creates a mild microclimate in the room and contributes to more economical power consumption.



Main and additional heating of rooms, local heating of working areas in rooms.

 5 years warranty.