Bethany Church. Isle of Wight.

I would like to forward to you our experience regards heating our Church this past year.      Since 1976 our Church in Newport , Isle of Wight has been heated by a Gas Boiler with underfloor heating. In autumn of last year we found ourselves without heating for the winter as our boiler was condemned as unfit .  As it happened of course we had very few meetings to heat for during last winter. So this spring and summer 2021 we had to find a new source of heating for the winter. We looked at a new boiler or gas radiators and found them expensive and of course against government recommendations. Then we looked at electric radiators and night storage which we found expensive as we were trying to heat a large area , a high sealing, and also would need thee phase electric power. We had a quote for it to find it to be at least £7000.00 to add to the cost of any sort of radiators.  Thankfully we were in touch with Infrared  Heater Co. who quickly pointed out that with Infrared we wouldn’t need 3 phase electric power, as they heat the people and furniture and not the space.
     In September of this year we ordered 8 although 6 may have been sufficient Hellosa 2200W Infrared heaters .which we received in about a week . They were fitted in about two days and have been very effective and at times more than enough warmth. We would thoroughly recommend them for similar situations.
I hope you find this useful.   Thank you John.